The first day in kindergarten

The first day in kindergarten

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The first day in kindergarten can be attended by parents of two and a half years old children, three years old, four years old and even five years old. And although the age difference at which children make their debut in an educational institution is large, the anxieties associated with this event are similar. What is equally important: it is not said that a child slightly over two years old will do worse in kindergarten than a three-year-old. Much depends on the preparation of the baby, temperament and past experience.
Have you decided that the kindergarten at this stage of the baby's development is the best solution? So stick to those arguments that convinced you that your toddler will grow best in kindergarten.

Your composure and belief that you have made the right choice is the best signal for a child. It's no secret that the toddler quickly finds out the solutions that mom or dad believes. When a child notices hesitation, anxiety, stress, all these emotions also affect him.


It is worth starting the first day in kindergarten with earlier wake up callto have time to calmly prepare for departure.

Rushing on this important day is not recommended. Pack your backpack and clothes to put on the first day of kindergarten earlier.

It's best to choose:

  • pants with elastic waist (easy to take off)
  • Velcro slippers, which the baby will practice earlier
  • it is worth to pack: a change of pants, panties, blouse and of course slippers

Who escorts?

Generally, the rule is that the person who is is supposed to accompany the child to the kindergarten more firm and determined. Parents who are more sensitive and prone to crying should stay at home. Unfortunately, we do not always have a choice and sometimes we have to use the help of a third party: grandmother or aunt (as long as the "non-parent" escorting the child on the first day of kindergarten does not increase the stress of the child).

Some preschoolers argue not to tell the child "I will pick you up after dinner", "I will come after tea", because the child will take this assurance very literally and seriously (unless we intend to come exactly after the meal, and not for example half an hour or an hour later). As soon as the meal is over, he will expect the parent. And when this does not come immediately, despair will appear.

In addition, it is good to remember to say goodbye to the child, passing it over to the guardian. Requiring a teacher to snatch the shouting child from her parents is a misunderstanding. A child sees such a situation as a threat.

Facial expressions and gestures

Reading about the first days in kindergarten, in almost every article we will read the same advice that the breakups be short, and that the parent leaving the toddler outside the home did not leave a smile on his face.

Why should we say goodbye briefly? It's simple, because prolonged breakups are more painful for a child. Experienced preschoolers even refer to such behavior as biggest mistakethat a parent can do. Also because mom or dad ensuring that "everything will be all right", clutching the child in his arms, kissing and explaining his decision, give the child something else to understand. Namely, that they feel anxiety and stress, which is quickly spread to a future preschooler.

After kindergarten

After the first day in kindergarten, the toddler can be very tiredy, especially if he stayed in a new place more than four hours. Therefore, it is better to plan everything at home so that you do not have to leave a few years alone, but devote maximum time and attention to it.

It is good to prepare dinner for other family members in advance, clean up the house and, if possible, arrange care for younger siblings so that they can spend some time only with the child who survived his first day in kindergarten.


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