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Third handle on a walk

Third handle on a walk

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When you have one child, the feeling of "missing" hands is not uncommon. However, when the next toddler appears and the needs of two children need to be reconciled, the future may look like a steep staircase. You can't go out with two kids for a walk. In such moments, simple gadgets can be helpful, such as an extra bed for a stroller or a handle, about which below.

Theoretically, nothing extraordinary: a simple handle that can be attached to the stroller on both sides, easy to detach and attach, intuitive to install in almost any quadricycle model, comfortable for a child and facilitating walk with toddlers, while improving safety. The handle is easy to grip, it is virtually indestructible and easy to clean.

Hold Me Handle can also be useful when walking with one child, when we want to drive a pram freely and the child wants to walk next to him.

Price around 30-40 PLN.