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Aqua Therm thermometer

Aqua Therm thermometer

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The thermometer has been used for over a year. We used it in various situations. Often stressful and requiring fast and reliable measurement. At the teething stage, during the first viruses passing through my daughter: colds, or three days. It worked well. It was reliable and extremely easy to use. A similar feeling was felt by our child, who was easily measuring himself.

Good value for money

The Aqua Therm thermometer can be purchased for as little as PLN 65. This is not much, considering that standard armpit thermometers cost around 20 zlotys, and their comfort of use for young children is incomparably lower.
The Aqua Therm thermometer is virtually indestructible. You don't have to worry that it will break quickly and you will need to buy another one. It has served us for almost a year and a half and constantly measures the temperature reliably and quickly.

In addition, the product meets all medical requirements and is in accordance with quality certificates. All these advantages have been appreciated by thousands of mothers and by many experts.

Aqua Therm is recommended very often by pediatricians, although there are no facilities where it is still claimed that the most reliable temperature measurement results can be obtained using a mercury thermometer.

Universal use

The Aqua Therm thermometer is a universal product that allows you to measure the temperature on your forehead, in your ear and shows the ambient temperature. It only takes one second to get the result.

In addition, the thermometer was equipped with discreet flashlight, which makes it easy to measure the temperature of the child even in the middle of the night (without having to turn on the large, upper lighting). Thanks to the thermometer screen backlight, there is no problem with reading the current temperature. In addition, remembering the temperature measurements from the last 30 days (along with the time and date of measurement) allows you to track your baby's medical history.

A plus is also battery selection (3 AAA batteries) that can be bought almost anywhere.
Additional features include a built-in watch and calendar. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the thermometer with a practical stand that allows storage in full comfort in all conditions.

Our model has messages in English, but thermometers are now on sale informing about the temperature in Polish.

The thermometer is easy in everyday use. You can't complain about the lack of convenience. For our daughter, he worked perfectly well. Over time, even the sounds accompanying temperature measurement became for the child an element of fun or a reason to smile.

Are there any minuses?

Regular readers of this page have certainly become accustomed to our insight and critical approach to the products tested, but in the case of this thermometer the truth is that there is nothing to attach to.
The downside, which for many certainly will not be a disadvantage, is the lack of choice of thermometer color. This one is available in one style only.

In addition, a disadvantage may be that the manufacturer recommends waiting a few minutes until we move on to the next temperature measurement. However, when you need to act quickly, this can be a problem. It is worth noting that it is taking the temperature too quickly and over and over again is the reason for indicating incorrect values ​​(as complained by the few Internet users who had the opportunity to test the quality of this product). Important information: Wait 10 minutes for three consecutive measurements. By following the manufacturer's recommendations, we will be sure that the thermometer measures the temperature impeccably, and this is the most important thing.


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