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Although the music on the discs does not differ from the one that can be obtained by buying individual CDs with works of well-known composers dedicated to all (not only children), the series of eight CDs deserves attention. First of all, praise is due to the interesting covers in joyful colors and toddler-friendly graphics, and for two CDs that present music for children in fairy tales and in films.

Little virtuoso

When I was pregnant, classical music (although the name is really inadequate and misleading), came to our home permanently. In our possession came three CDs wrapped in dust jacket, depicting a pregnant woman with several years old and daddy children. Tempted by this edition intended for young parents, we made the purchase.

We brought home three CDs divided thematically. On one of them there are songs perfect to start the day, on the other adapted to play, and on the third calm melodies that help you fall asleep. In the case of Soliton's "Classics for children" such a division was not included.

Is it working?

Experts and publishers themselves emphasize that it is worth listening to classical music already in pregnancy and familiar melodies to include in babies after delivery. In this way, many benefits are to be achieved: greater peace of the child, easier calming and calming before bedtime. How was with us

When I was pregnant, switching on records always caused a lively response - either joyful knocking, or when the daughter was very active, sudden cessation of movement, waiting and as if listening. After delivery, however, I did not notice that my daughter reacted in a special way to previously heard melodies. I did not observe that she calmed down faster and fell asleep with them. Still, the pleasure or the need to commune with the highest class compositions is still worthwhile.

Today, because the daughter listens to well-known melodies with considerable enthusiasm and calls for them to be included, repeating every day "dances, dances".

Eight records for each day

There are eight CDs, not seven, like days of the week, but there are enough CDs that none of them gets bored too quickly. You can listen to them one by one or choose only a few of them and buy them for your and your child's pleasure.

I especially recommend the first two parts of "Classic for children" part. I and "Classic for children" part. II, on which the most beautiful works of all known composers are collected: Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Vivaldi, Debuss, etc.

The next four albums are devoted 100% to the works of one composer: Mozart, Chopin, Bach and Vivaldi. Among them are such "pearls" that are not difficult to touch, like "Ave Maria" in a truly masterful performance, Arie on the string and Chorale.

Investment in quality

In the house where an infant or a few-year-old lives, you can turn on the radio or something that will allow the child to taste the highest level of art. You don't need much effort. Just insert the disc into the player and press play and just start the next day or dance to the rhythm of the sounds or talk about them with your toddler. You can fool around, you can also mute, choosing the repertoire to the current needs and expectations of two parties.

The cost of one plate - 17 PLN.

Thank you to the Soliton publishing house for sending review copies of the CDs.