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Female passions - how to do something out of nothing

Female passions - how to do something out of nothing

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Babylandia is a blog created by four Moms. A magical place where time stops, to show amazing ornaments and toys made of paper, felt and wood in a few moments. It is a haven full of ideas showing how to turn ordinary dishes into talking sandwiches and inspiring second courses. We like it and you?

Who runs the Babylandia blog?

Anna Radziach: Four moms write blog posts, each publishing as many entries as their other commitments allow. We do not treat the blog as a duty and do not write notes by force. It is supposed to be a pleasure for us, so we are tolerant of each other and we do not settle accounts with each other about the time devoted to Babylandia. However, it cannot be denied that Marta does the most for the blog and I do it - the initiators of the idea. The most important thing, however, is that each of us is very anxious for Babylandia to continue to grow, meet the expectations of our readers, and most importantly - show other parents how important time spent with our children is, and how this time can be used nicely

Where did the idea for this form of spending free time come from?

A.R: The blog was created spontaneously, from the need to collect various types of ideas for playing with children, and over time, other helpful information began to appear on it. We publish mainly our own ideas, but there are also those seen on the web or inspired by other blogs. In general, through our activities, we want to show other parents that children do not have to be bored at all, being looked after by parents, and coming up with an attractive occupation is not difficult or time-consuming. It is the greatest fun for children to spend time together with parents, and that's why we encourage our readers. Their children are certainly delighted with new ideas, and at the same time develop their creativity, ingenuity or artistic sense. It's learning through play that pays off later in life. However, we also have a lot of book reviews and reviews for children's products. We also try to recommend recipes for babies or show how to make a work of art out of an ordinary sandwich.

Can a clock for a baby's room be made by anyone? Honestly, how hard is that? How long does it take?

A.R: Such a clock is not really difficult, provided that the person who wants to make it has any idea about sewing. This is probably the most difficult stage of all work. Of course, elements made of felt can be replaced with another material. It may as well be cardboard or wood. It all depends on our capabilities and skills. All the rest is just combining individual elements. If we have a circle cut e.g. from plexiglass, we have a shield. Just stick individual parts to it and after trouble. And no daddy should have a problem with mounting the watch mechanism. We used the mechanism from the old clock, so we simply folded it in exactly the same way as it was unfolded before. So, not counting the time for sewing numbers, the construction of such a clock should not take more than 30-45 minutes.

Why is it worth making decorations for a child / for a child's room by yourself? Do children help at work?

A.R. When we do something with our child, we put our whole heart into it. And so it is with room decorations or toys. Hand-made work gives incredible satisfaction, and playing together allows you to strengthen the bond connecting a parent with a child. In addition, the toddler feels appreciated that the parent treats him as a partner and is filled with pride in the effects of his own work. However, you have to remember that the whole game is not about effects, but about being able to stay together and enjoy yourself. These moments are simply priceless!

Do you feel like a child again when you make decorations like Ladybugs and Bees?

A.R: Hmm ... fact ... Spending time together with the child means that the parent has the opportunity to return to childhood. You can't hide that this kind of fun also draws adults - it is fun to de-stress while doing artistic work, toys or decorations. In addition, it is impossible to say who makes it more joyful - a child or parent who actually forgets that he is an adult while working. It's just like a car for a son. Daddy is also enjoying it with great pleasure

And what about the motivation board, works?
A.R: We are aware of the fact that every child is completely different, therefore, every mother and dad must find their own way to control their little stubbornness. But I will honestly say that our motivation board was a shot at 10. My child quickly understood what was going on and although he did not become an angel from day to day, the "red faces" on our board were much less every week. Mała really tried to make us happy with her, and waiting for the weekly prize was very motivating. And I must admit that they were not some special things. Sometimes we went out to the playroom, other times Alice got a small gift. I remember once when my husband and I forgot about the surprise and spent half a night with sheets of paper and markers to draw a daughter dozens of mazes that were once a hit in our house. As you can see, no matter what the child gets, it is important that it is a reward. That we can see and most importantly appreciate the efforts of our toddler. Currently
we no longer need a board. Our child became aware that we should do our best and that we must notice not only the bad but good deeds of our children. As you can see, the board teaches not only children ...

How long have children played with paper animals?
A.R: I got the idea for paper animals from a great book. Making them is very easy, at least for a parent, a smaller child could not cope on its own, while an older one should not have any problem at the same time. It took me a moment to make it, I only needed some colored paper, a pen and scissors. However, when I gave it to my child, there was no end to joy. Enjoyed as if he had received some new super toy! The animals took him completely for a few days, then the craze passed, but he returned to them from time to time. We know, paper is paper, it is easy to crease, even though we used stiff sheets, the damage could not have been avoided. However, despite this, they served us to play for a long time As you can see, the toy does not have to be expensive or company-specific, so that the child will like it. It can make as much or even more fun for both a child and a parent

Nowadays, when everything is publicly available, toys are at your fingertips, and meals are served in a "fast" version, is it worth doing everything that is shown on the blog?

A.R: It is not an art to buy a finished product or just put a child with a new toy and let him play with it. It is worth getting inspired by blog ideas, if only to spend a few moments together with your child. We are aware that today's moms often lack time for everything, but we must remember that a happy child is one that feels loved - and love is expressed, among others through closeness. And as we have already written - the effects of working together are not important, the purpose of the game is just to be with each other, not next to each other.

We liked the idea of ​​creating toys and decorations on our own so much that we subscribe to it with both hands. In the content of the article you can see photos taken with the consent of the authors of the blog from their site.
We recommend Babylandia to all parents looking for inspiring ideas for spending time with children!


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