Shopping list for parents

Shopping list for parents

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Where to buy basic products for children? We present a shopping list, i.e. a list of products for children at promotional prices. To view, print and use.


  • Bebiko 600 g milk in Rossmann at PLN 19.99 instead of PLN 23.99
  • Bebilon baby milk in Real at a price of 56.99 per pack of 1200g. Whereas at Tesco at PLN 53.99.
  • Nestle Junior milk in Rossmann 2 × 15.99 zlotys and the third for free.
  • Nan 350g milk at Polo Market for PLN 15.99.
  • Enfamil 800 g milk at Tesco for PLN 44.99.
  • Gerber 2 or 3 milk at Tesco for PLN 12.99.
  • Bobovita milk-rice porridge in Real at a price of 14.49 per pack 2x230g., while Bobovita rice porridge at a price of 10.99 for 2x180g. Pack.
  • Nestle milk and rice porridge 230 g (two packages one for free) in Rossmann 2 × 6.79 PLN. 4 packs of Nestle porridge in Tesco for PLN 15.87.
  • Nestle Sinlac baby porridge in Carrefour for PLN 21.59.
  • Bobovita children's dish in Real different types 125 g. packaging for PLN 3.19. Carrefour, on the other hand, has the same 4 dishes for the price of 3 (3.74 PLN for one when buying four packages).
  • ready-made dinners for children "BoboVita" 125g in Auchan for PLN 3.19, where the second product for 1 penny.
  • Gerber children's dishes 190 g at Super-Pharm for PLN 4.99.
  • Humana 125 g for PLN 4.95 in Tesco.
  • Human desserts pack 400 g. in Real at a price of 9.99
  • Babydream (fruit) dessert 190 g in Rossmann for PLN 2.99 instead of PLN 3.59
  • Bobovita children's dessert, pack of 3 × 125 g in Real for PLN 5.98 In contrast, the same desserts, but 125 g in Polo Market for PLN 2.49.
  • Humana dessert 4 × 100 g at Tesco for PLN 8.99.
  • Hipp Bio 190 g desserts at Super-Pharm for PLN 5.49.
  • winnie him juice! 6 × 300 ml + FREE apron at the price of 8.99 (net)
  • Hipp juice for children in Real different types, 200 ml for PLN 2.99.
  • BoboFrut juices or nectars 300 ml 3 × 3.49 zlotys and the fourth one free in Rossmann.
  • Gerber juice or nectar at Carrefour for PLN 3.99.


  • Pampers Sleep & Play baby diapers various packages from 48-58 items for the price of 25 when buying two packages (Real). The same diapers at Carrefour for PLN 26.79.
  • Pampers Maxi Pack diapers at Super Pharm for PLN 39.99 (all sizes).
  • Pampers Multi Box diapers at Tesco at PLN 120 (PLN 30 at the cash register for subsequent purchases) - sizes 3 - 186 pieces, other sizes also on sale.
  • Pampers AvtiveBaby diapers Midi pack 112 pcs, Maxi 99 pcs, Junior 82 pcs. Price: 57.89 pack In real life
  • Pampers Premium Care diapers in Rossmann at PLN 55.99 instead of PLN 64.99.
  • Huggies care wipes in Real pack of 4X64 items for PLN 18.99.
  • Pampers handkerchiefs 6 packaging in Rossmann for PLN 24.99 instead of PLN 32.99. Tesco wipes for the same price.
  • Cleanic Kindii baby wipes at Super-Pharm at PLN 16.49 for 4 packs.
  • Nivea baby wet wipes in Carrefour at PLN 19.89 for 4 packs.
  • Johnson's Baby bath lotion, various types, 500 ml pack in Real at a price of 13.99
  • Children's cotton pads Cleanic Kindii pack of 60 in Real at a price of 5.99
  • washing powder or lotion for children's clothes Lovela at a price of 36.99 PLN pack of 3 liters or 3.6 kg of powder (Real).
  • Mixa Baby toilet milk in Rossmann for PLN 11.99
  • Nivea Baby care cream 200 ml in Rossmann at a price of 8.99 PLN instead of 10.49 PLN.
  • Oilatum Baby cream in Rossmann at PLN 14.99 instead of PLN 19.99.
  • Babydream olive for children in Rossmann at a price of 5.49 PLN instead of 6.49 PLN.
  • Bambino selected care products at Super-Pharm 20% cheaper
  • Emolium at Super-Pharm -30%
  • Balneum Baby -40% at Super-Pharm

Toys and accessories

  • Kitchen height 67 cm, without Mochtoys equipment in Real for 52.95
  • Rattles or chews for 5.99 PLN soft toys for 7.99 PLN in Real
  • Market Real offers "Fisher-Price" products at promotional prices.
  • Toys from the "Barbie" series in Real can also be found in a very extensive promotional offer as well as "MonserHight", which are offered 45% cheaper.
  • 30% cheaper planes (Real)
  • "MaxSteel" products in the 30% promotion (Real)
  • "Wader" toys in Real on offer with a 30% discount
  • Avent calming baby pacifiers at Super-Pharm with a LifeStyle card for PLN 19.99 instead of PLN 31.
  • Nuk Sensitive manual breast pump at Super-Pharm for PLN 99.99 instead of PLN 149.

Promotion time
Super-Pharm 11.11-27.11.2013
Rossmann from 15/11, Tesco 14-20/11/2013
Net November 12-17, 2013
Kaufland 11.11-20.11.2013
Real 14-20.11.2013
Auchan 13-17.11.2013
Carrefour 11.11-18.11.2013
Polo Market November 13-19, 2013


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