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What do traditional shopping look like? Some children may not have knowledge about this. Especially if they only visit shopping centers with their parents. Then instead of a bakery they will talk about a bread stand, and the butcher's shop will see them as a long tail of people with large trolleys, impatient and looking at the meats placed behind the large glass.

The "Shops" booklet is a perfectly illustrated item by Maciek Blaźniak, carrying knowledge about where we do shopping, describing individual stores: a bakery, florist, butcher, vegetable and fish shop, bookstore, ice cream shop, pastry shop, instrument store and pharmacy.

The last page remains blank. On it, a child can design his own store, deciding what will be sold in it. In this way, the authors encourage you to reach for crayons and creative fun.

Great item at a good price!

Publisher: nice-hello

Price: PLN 19.90