The most popular names in 2013

The most popular names in 2013

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The past year undoubtedly belonged to Len and Jakubów. Over the past year, 10,000 girls were born who were given the name Lena and 9,000 boys named Jakub. In addition, the names of Julia, Maja, Zuzanna and Kacper, Szymon and Filip were still very popular.

The above data comes from the Ministry of the Interior, which based on PESEL numbers analyzed the most popular and least popular names given in 2013. It turns out that for 10 years parents' preferences have been very similar and the list of most frequently chosen names does not differ much from many years. There was a breakthrough last year, however. Julia's most popular name so far fell to the second position, and the first name in 2013 appeared Lena.

Last year's least popular names were: Józef, Stanisław, Bronisław, Eleonor, Jessik and Karmen. Nikola's name was given more often than the once popular Anna. Quite unusual were named four girls born in 2013: Telimena, Ofelia, Odeta and Scarlett. Unusual names among boys turned out to be: Modest, Anatol, Collin, Jack, Philipp.