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Warming ointment for children

Warming ointment for children

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When an infection or cold begins, many parents reach for a warming ointment to prevent and reduce the negative symptoms of a cold. Just a few months ago, Pulmex Baby ointment was a very popular product in this category. Unfortunately, for several weeks this preparation has been unavailable in wholesalers and pharmacies (its production has been suspended). However, there are other preparations on the market that can be used in the youngest children.


Mustela bebe balm for easy breathing

It is true that this is not a typical warming ointment, but recommended by the manufacturer for use during infection. Mustela contains natural active ingredients: Shea butter and honey, which gently moisturize the baby's skin. When applying the preparation, they are released gently pine and rosemary scentsthat make breathing easier. In turn chamomile and linden extract have a relaxing effect and allow you to calm down.

We will pay about PLN 27 for 40 ml.

The product can be used properly from the first days of life.

Depulol gel

Depulol gel is a preparation for children over 6 months. Depulol uses the action of essential oils and Peruvian lotion. Two of these ingredients have an effect on reducing upper respiratory tract congestion, facilitate breathing and coughing in the event of secretion of secretions in the respiratory tract.

We will pay about PLN 13 for 20 grams.

Pneumovit gel

Pneumovit contains essential oils that clear the nose and facilitate breathing. The preparation supports the treatment of colds in children, runny nose and headache. It also supports the treatment of various types of pain: for example, muscle tension.

The preparation can be used in children over two years old.

We will pay about PLN 10 for 100 ml.

Pumo Vap Bebe

Ointment for children over 1 year old. Gently warms up and facilitates breathing, thanks to which it ensures calmer sleep and allows you to recover faster. The manufacturer ensures that the preparation can also be used in children with atopic dermatitis.

We will pay about PLN 17 for 30 ml.

Pulmonil Baby

Pulmonil is a warming ointment for children over three years old. It can be used at the first signs of a cold, freezing, and also for neuralgia.

Vicks VapoRub ointment

The ointment is recommended for children over 5 years old. The composition has camphor, eucalyptus oil, levomenthol, turpentine oil, which alleviate upper respiratory tract discomfort in the catarrh and facilitate breathing.

We will pay about PLN 16 for 50 grams.

Aromatol gel

A gel with warming effect for children over 10 years old. Contains: camphor, Peruvian balm. It can be used for no more than seven days.

We will pay about PLN 9 for 40 grams.