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Nurseries and kindergartens 24H

Nurseries and kindergartens 24H

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We have shops operating 24 hours a day, non-standard work mode, cities lit 24 hours a day, cafes and restaurants where we can eat at almost any hour. The world requires mobility, availability and openness to continuous development. The last insult to self-development is standing still. We have not so much to go and not stop, but to run. Travel, go for a better life, do not look back. Family? The closest? There is internet, instant messaging. You don't have to meet face to face. And the child? The child will somehow be raised. That you need to find time for your child? It can also be arranged.

To meet modern requirements, nurseries and kindergartens are open 24 hours a day in large cities.

Storage or a hotel or maybe an orphanage?

Day care centers or kindergartens are not a new idea. It already existed in the PRL. The motives were simple. Thanks to the so-called weekly nurseries, seasonal rural nurseries and two-shift nurseries, women were allowed to work in shifts.

Similar facilities operate in the west. Often, however, the owners stipulate that the nursery can be used at night twice a month or several times a year. And in this form of attraction: it seems that sleeping in a kindergarten can be an interesting experience for a child. Especially if the toddler himself wants to stay in kindergarten with his friends for the night.

For example, there is a 24-hour nursery in Poznań where a child can stay 10 hours a day. All this so that by too long staying the child in the institution does not suffer his development. However, does a small child who stays in a nursery for 10 hours really get what he needs?

Option for a careerist?

When a career-making parent doesn't want to give up their dreams, the prospect of leaving their child for the night in kindergarten or nursery seems tempting. It makes a lot easier. You do not have to hurry and fear that the business dinner will drag on.

A kindergarten open 24 hours a day is also a good idea for parents who want to go out for dinner or a party in the evening. If no grandmother is nearby and a babysitter is up, the private facility will solve the problem. Simple? Simple!

However, it seems that kindergartens open 24 hours a day were created for people working in shifts (for example, night shifts). As long as the child stays at night in such kindergarten, and on the day when the parent is at home, he can enjoy the closeness of his mother or dad, this solution, although not ideal, can be considered a necessity and accepted. Especially for those parents who cannot leave their child elsewhere: at their grandmother's, sister's or neighbor's, and who, for objective reasons, cannot change jobs.

Individual approach

Imagine the little ones who have to go to bed in kindergarten. While a one-off or occasional recurring situation will probably not have a negative impact on the child's development, if it gets into the habit, it may take something very important away from the toddler: the possibility of personal contact with the most important carer.

In kindergarten, where different people look after the toddler, and there are more children in one room, it is difficult to count on individual treatment. In addition, children aged three, not to mention younger, need time at home, quiet regeneration or active fooling around with relatives, away from the need to compete for attention with kindergarten. Institutional care cannot replace time with a parent.

No predictability

Treating a child as a burden that needs to be removed, put it in storage, is very sad. Especially if the reason is the desire to make a career, after all, in spite of personal family circumstances. It is difficult to justify such situations by earning parents. Every toddler deserves to spend a few hours with his parent, to relax at home, to be sure that after nursery or kindergarten he will come to his own home and bed. That is why giving a child to a kindergarten for several hours a day, especially a nursery, is hardly justifiable.

A career-seeking parent should think of a nanny. This one has a chance to replace the parent. This is a better solution than kindergartens open 24 hours a day.

What do psychologists say?

Research by psychologists Spitz, Bowlby and Schore plunges the vision of 24-hour nurseries. They indicate that the child's immune system ceases to function as a result of separation from the mother. They emphasize that leaving children in such places, especially children who are several weeks old, has a very negative impact on their development. In some of them, which is really scary, after paying an additional fee, babies are touched so that they do not lose the so-called function of sticking, focusing on the human face and other healthy reflexes.

Note that negative reviews focus mainly on leaving children in nurseries. Putting a child over three years old to kindergarten occasionally at night collects various comments. Some categorically condemn such behavior, others disenchant. Some psychologists point out that exercising this opportunity from time to time should not lead to remorse.

What do you think? Are kindergartens and nurseries open 24 hours a day?


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