Wola Tencel tights

Wola Tencel tights

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Tights made of wood yarn? It turns out that it is possible. The Polish brand Wola has prepared Tencel tights, made of cellulose. The producer ensures that "it is a delicate material, like silk, strong as polyester, cool as linen, warm as wool and more absorbent than cotton. Tencel tights absorb moisture and also have excellent cooling properties, thus protecting the toddler's sensitive skin from overheating or chafing. "

Editorial tests

As it is in practice: tights in size 56/62 were delivered to the editor's address. The first surprise appeared after unpacking. It turns out that the tights are quite large and you could easily put them on a six-month-old child wearing size 68/74.

On the plus side, you should also include excellent quality, optimal thickness of tights, delicate stripes that make ordinary white tights a more original proposition. Compared to "market" proposals, the quality of Wola deserves a big plus. However, it is difficult to assess whether tights have cooling and anti-chafing properties.

After washing three times, the tights still look like new.

I would recommend!

Wola provides Wola Tencel tights in several colors: pink, gray or jeans, among others.

Price: around PLN 25.

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Write in the comment below this entry: what would you combine Wola Tencel tights with? We will reward the four most interesting answers Wola Tencel tights in size 56/62.

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