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Recovery after cesarean section

Recovery after cesarean section

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Recovery after a cesarean section looks like any other major abdominal surgery. With the exception of a disturbed, cut or simply "tired of delivery" crotch, the woman after the emperor experiences similar nuisances as a young mother after a natural delivery.

You must take into account:

  • postpartum contractions (often painful),
  • bleeding,
  • pain in the perineum (if you tried to give birth naturally before cesarean section),
  • breast swelling
  • exhaustion
  • hormonal changes,
  • sweating

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What can you expect from the emperor?

You can expect a cesarean section pain in the area of ​​the incision. When the anesthesia stops working, there will probably be unpleasant discomfort of even strong intensity. My experience shows that the first cesarean section is the source of the greatest suffering.

It is true that after delivery depending on your needs you will receive painkillers, but they often have side effects. Young moms can feel bewildered. Most drugs of this type are safe and are not afraid that they will negatively affect breastfeeding.

It must be taken into account that painkillers will also be needed for several days after leaving the hospital.

You also need to be prepared for the fact that after the emperor for a dozen or so days, and certainly a few are not allowed carry heavy objects. Even carrying a newborn baby or taking a bath can be a problem. This is important because of the speed of wound healing.

Nausea with vomiting after cesarean section

After caesarean section, nausea with vomiting may or may not occur. In extreme cases, your doctor may order anti-emetics.

Tiredness and the emperor

Both after childbirth and Caesarean section, the young mother may feel exhausted. The reason can be a large blood loss as well as the effect of anesthesia. This condition may also be compounded by lengthy attempts to give birth by natural means before attempting cesarean section. In addition, mental fatigue may be a problem, especially if the procedure was not planned and the decision was made dynamically.

Health check after the emperor

Similarly to delivery by nature, also after caesarean section, midwives and doctors assess vaginal discharge, check the condition of uterine contraction and its hardness. I control the amount of urine excreted, as well as venflon inserted into the vein and the urinary catheter.

Catheter removal after caesarean section

The catheter is usually removed shortly after surgery, usually when a woman can do her own physiological needs.