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Coughing in a child - what can it mean?

Coughing in a child - what can it mean?

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Cough is a reaction of the nervous system to irritation of the respiratory tract. As a result, it causes sudden bronchospasm and expiratory muscles, provoking discharge from the respiratory tract - especially the lungs of air. It usually appears suddenly and unexpectedly. Sometimes there is a slight single cough and sometimes it is exhausting, causing difficulty in breathing shortness of breath.

Is a child's cough dangerous?

How to recognize if a cough can be dangerous in a child and how to alleviate his symptoms? The simplest form of diagnosis of cough is listening to his sound and observing the child, which will help in its proper diagnosis.

There are the following types of cough:

Dry cough in children

It is extremely tiring because of a child he has the feeling that something is in his throat and cannot get rid of it. It doesn't contribute to expectoration, but it can cause breathing difficulties. A dry cough often appears at the beginning of a cold, bronchitis, larynx, trachea, allergies, on a choking (object or food), as well as when the temperature suddenly changes, e.g. when the child returns from a walk to a warm flat in winter.

Treatment of dry cough in children

The treatment for dry cough is primarily his braking. If the cough bothers you (especially during sleep), it's best to give your child cough syrup and also take care of the access of fresh, especially cool air.

It is also worth ensuring that the room in which the child is staying has moist air so as not to dry out the irritated throat mucosa. Constant moisturizing of the throat by giving the child fluids, warm water to infants and older children is also helpful in dry cough. water with the addition of lemon juice.

Often, a dry cough causes the child to have trouble sleeping through the night, is tearful and tired, in this case it is worth giving a lemon balm tea that will allow you to sleep peacefully at night. When coughing causes shortness of breath, there are significant breathing problems, the fever should be shown to the pediatrician as soon as possible.

Syrups for a child's dry cough

  • Supremin (from 2 years)
  • DexaPico (from 2 years)
  • Sinecod (from 3 years)
  • Dagomed Malia (from 6 years)
  • Levopront (from 2 years old, on prescription),

Allergic cough in a child

Allergic cough is a dry cough, but with additional bouts of breathlessness and extremely bothersome. Usually sneezing and a typical allergic, watery runny nose appear earlier.

An allergic cough is usually a reaction to the allergen that is causing the child to be allergic. There may be many allergens and it is difficult to clearly and immediately identify it. Often it is dust, pollen, animal hair and even new furniture or wall paint. If you think your child may have an allergic cough, contact a pediatrician as soon as possible who will decide if you need to see an allergist.

The allergist will examine the child, recommend appropriate medications or tests to identify the allergen and desensitization.

Wet (moist) cough in a child

A wet cough is very characteristic because it is accompanied by coughing up secretions. It can also be the cause of vomiting in smaller children who often choke on cough secretions. Many times it is a consequence of untreated dry cough.