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Reborn vampires and zombies - is there anything to be afraid of?

Reborn vampires and zombies - is there anything to be afraid of?

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A few weeks ago we wrote about reborn dolls. This time we would like to raise this topic in the context of a new fashion: creating dolls of little vampires and zombies so similar to children that they are even ghostly. In America, a group of collectors of dead man dolls is growing. However, what is frightening and inconspicuous for some, is interesting and beautiful for others ... And what do you think about it?

Reborn - vampires

The dolls look very realistic, like live babies, except that they are equipped with fangs, glowing eyes and a pale face. They can cost up to $ 5,000 per head. Their creators have no major problems finding buyers ...

The trend for reborn vampires is relatively young. It has been in the United States for over a year. The creators of ghostly dolls notice more and more interest in unusual "toys" every month. People who create them for many months, with attention to every detail, with their passion for "small monsters" effectively infect women and men from smaller and larger cities, parents and singles who order their "model" and ... leave it at home.

The first doll - the child of the dead - was created accidentally a year ago, for fun. One of the designers changed the typical reborn, put up for auction and in a few minutes ... sold. He was so surprised that he decided to follow the blow and create more models of scary dolls. Today, business is flourishing. Reborns are inspired by the characters of the cinema, they reach value from 650 to 2500 dollars. One of the most expensive was the doll straight from "Interview with the Vampire."

Unlike other collectors who create classic rebirths, most enthusiasts of "their dark counterparts" do not treat "little monsters" as their own children, focus on acquiring more pieces and expanding collections.


The creators and lovers of monster reborn are aware of the controversy that is growing around their passions. That's why they try to keep unusual dolls in their homes and not go out with them to people, so as not to provoke unnecessarily.

And you, what do you think about it?