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  • Hipp dish for children (various types) pack 2x125g for PLN 4.49 in Real
  • Gerber dish for children or dessert 2x190g at Tesco for PLN 6.99
  • Hipp Bio desserts for children pack 160g for PLN 4.99 with a LifeStyle card at Super Pharm
  • Nestle baby milk pack 350 g for PLN 16.09 in Carrefour
  • Bebiko powdered milk packet 800g for PLN 29.95 in Real (various types), Carefour Bebiko milk for PLN 31.59, Super Pharm offers 350g pack for PLN 13.99
  • Enfamil baby milk pack of 800g for PLN 44.99 in Carrefour
    Bebilon baby milk pack 1.2kg selected types for PLN 59.99 in Carrefour
  • Humana baby milk packet 800g for PLN 49.99 in Carrefour
  • Hipp Bio dishes and soups for children pack 125g for PLN 2.99 at Super Pharm
  • Nestle milk-rice porridges for children pack of 230g at the price of 7.99 PLN at Super Pharm
  • BoboVita milk-rice porridge for 230g we will pay 6.99 PLN in Real
  • Nestle milk-wheat porridge 250g in Real in the price of PLN 6.99
  • Humana porridge for children 250 g for PLN 10.99 in Carrefour for selected types
  • Nestle rice porridge for children at Real supermarkets for PLN 5.49
  • BoboVita Expert porridge for children 250g for PLN 8.19 in Carrefour
  • Hipp porridge for children, 250g pack for PLN 9.59 at Carrefour supermarkets
  • BoboVita porridge for children 3 × 230 g for PLN 15.58 at Carrefour
  • Nestle porridge for drinking 200ml pack for 3.69 PLN in Carrefour
  • Hipp dessert for children, 2x160g, various types for PLN 7.99 in Real
  • Nestle Sinlac gluten-free cereal product, 500g, price PLN 21.59 at Carrefour
  • Nestle corn gruel, rice, 160g in Carrefour for PLN 3.89
  • BoboVita children's dishes (various types) pack of 250g for PLN 5.99 in Real supermarkets
  • BoboVita delicate rice gruel after 4 months, 179g for PLN 3.69 in Carrefour
  • Humana tea for children pack of 200g for PLN 12.99 in Real supermarkets
  • BoboVita children's dish pack 125g at the price of 2.32 PLN when you buy 4 items at a time in Carrefour supermarkets
  • BoboVita children's tea pack of 400g for PLN 14.79 in Carreour
  • Gerber dessert for children various flavors 130g pack for PLN 2.22 in Kaufland
  • BoboVita fruit mousse 4x100ml in Carrefour for PLN 9.19 per pack
  • Nestle dessert for children 4x100g selected types for PLN 7.99 per pack in Carrefour
  • Hipp dessert for children various types of 125g pack for PLN 2.99 at Carrefour
  • Gluten-free corn sticks for children 60g for PLN 0.99 in Carrefour
  • BoboVita dessert for children 125g buying 4 packages for one we will pay 2.24 PLN in Carrefour
  • Gerber Doremi children's dish pack 250g buying 3 packages we pay for one 3.99 PLN in Carrefour supermarkets
  • Gerber children's dish pack 190g in Carrefour by buying 4 packages we pay for one 3.82 PLN
  • Nestle NAN PRO 2x400g for PLN 36.99 at Carrefour

Hygienic products:

  • Pampers Active Baby baby diapers Ecconomy Mega Box at the price of 79.95 PLN in Real (the price of one midi size: 0.53 PLN), in Carrefour stores Pampers Active Baby diapers at the price of 84.99 PLN size 3 price per item 0 , PLN 56), while Tesco supermarkets offer Pampers Active Baby diapers at Econnomy Box Plus at PLN 74.99 (mini size price: PLN 0.51, midi: PLN 0.57, maxi: PLN 0.65, maxi: PLN 0: 0) , 71 PLN, junior: 0.78 PLN per item)
  • Pampers Premium Care baby diapers in different sizes at Auchan for PLN 41.99 per pack
  • Bambino (new) baby diapers different sizes: 38 items, 44 items, 48 ​​items for PLN 19.99 + packet of Hygenic baby wipes 72 items for 1 penny at Super-Pharm
  • Pampers Sleep & Play baby diapers (various sizes) for 27.99 PLN at Carrefour
  • Bobini bath lotion different types, 750ml pack for PLN 9.59, the other for PLN 4.79 in Real
  • Cleanic Kindii baby wet wipes pack of 4 × 60 or 4 × 72 items for PLN 14.99 at Carrefour
  • Pampers baby wet wipes pack of 6 × 64 or 6 × 56 for PLN 24.99 in Real
  • Huggies wet wipes pack of 64 at PLN 4.49 at Super Pharm
  • Cleanic Kindii cotton buds for kids at 2.29 PLN in Real, at Carrefour Cleanic Kindii cotton buds for kids also at 2.29 PLN
  • Cleanic Kindii cotton pads for children pack of 80 for PLN 5.49 in Real
  • Nivea cosmetics for child care 500ml for the price of 12.99 PLN various types in Carrefour
  • Nivea Baby cosmetics for children 50-250ml at Super Pharm for PLN 9.99 for LifeStyle card holders
  • Nivea Baby cosmetics for children of different types in Real supermarkets for PLN 13.89
  • Johnson's Baby bar soap for children items for PLN 1.99, take the second product for PLN 0.99 in Real supermarkets
  • Sudocrem protective cream 60ml pack for 9.79 PLN in Carrefour
  • Bambino baby soap at Carrefour at the price of 1.39 PLN
  • Johnson's Baby baby shampoo pack 500ml for PLN 9.99 at Carrefour
  • Johnson's Baby cosmetics for care of babies and children of different types at PLN 13.99 in Real supermarkets
  • Johnson's Baby products for children, olive oil 200ml pack for PLN 9.99 at Super Pharm
  • Happy 60 × 90 cm hygienic undercoat for PLN 1.99 at Carrefour
  • Bella Mamma breast pads 30 pcs. At PLN 9.99 or 60 pcs. At PLN 17.99 at Super Pharm
  • Lovela washing powder for baby clothes pack 3.6kg for 35.99 PLN in Real
  • Lovela washing powder 1.2 kg or washing milk 1.5l for PLN 19.99 at Carrefour
  • Bell Mamma hygienic foundations 10 pieces for PLN 3.49 at Super Pharm


  • baby body from 0-24 months for PLN 5.99 each in Real
  • Avent 125ml bottle for 24.95 in Real stores
  • Lovi 250ml bottle for PLN 24.95, where we get a 100ml ovi bottle for free
  • OKT products such as washer, potty or license platform for PLN 29.95 each in Real supermarkets
  • Baby rompers in sizes 56-86 in Real for PLN 14.99 per item
  • Carrefour baby horn for PLN 59.99
  • High chair in Carrefour for PLN 199.99
  • Pine cot at the price of 139.99 PLN in Carrefour
  • Stroller in Carrefour for PLN 89.99
  • Duplo Lego bricks in Carrefour 20% cheaper
  • NUK, all products at Super Pharm are offered 20% off

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