Is alcohol drinking pregnant?

Is alcohol drinking pregnant?

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A precedent-setting trial is just beginning for a six-year-old with brain damage whose pregnant mother drank large amounts of alcohol. Lawyers suggest that he may pave the way to claim compensation for adoptive families and care centers.

A woman from north-west England was charged. Her name was not disclosed. Six years ago she gave birth to a daughter. The child was born with brain damage, doctors had no doubt that the reason was drinking alcohol during pregnancy. They decided to take the case to court. Due to the fact that they have repeatedly informed about the risk of alcohol in pregnancy, conscious drinking by a woman compared to harming a child. The motive was simple: obtain reasonable compensation for a child who was in a care center.

In 2011, the first verdict was passed in this case. The court stated that the local government was right, but that same year in December it issued another, surprising verdict. The Criminal Compensation Office appealed against the first judgment. Although the court in the second sentence did not deny that the mother had poisoned the child, it considered that the girl could not be considered a victim of the crime, because when the mother poisoned her, she was not born yet, she was not a person by law.

The Times reports that the local government has announced that it will bring the case to the Court of Appeal of England and Wales. Experts agree that his judgment will have momentous consequences not only in this case, but also in all similar ones. The case of a six-year-old will show whether the provision of 1861 concerning the administration of poison to people to endanger life or cause serious injury, applies to an unborn child.

The process is closely monitored by lawyers representing the families of children who, as a result of drinking alcohol by biological mothers, have suffered and are diagnosed with mental and physical disorders.

About 7,000 children are born in England each year with pregnancy damage due to brain damage, facial deformities, and liver problems. In many cases, behavioral problems, developmental delays, and learning problems are diagnosed. These are not all negative consequences of looking into a glass during pregnancy ...

In Poland, according to statistics, as many as 33% of pregnant women drink alcohol.

What do you think about it? Can / Need to punish future mothers for drinking alcohol during pregnancy? Should alcoholism be treated as a disease and such action should be considered differently: force rehab, send to a closed institution for resolution?