Wedding not for pregnant?

Wedding not for pregnant?

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Recently, we can read in the online media that soon a church wedding for pregnant women may be out of reach. The church is to prepare changes according to which the marriage ceremony will be reserved for properly prepared people. The basis is to be a few years of engagement and conscious preparation for the wedding from early childhood. The clergy want the bride and groom to know what this sacrament is and what the consequences are. They want to avoid a situation where a church wedding is granted to everyone, and the decision is made too hastily.

It all began with the speech of Benedict XVI, who pointed out the need to tighten the rigors of marriage. The Pope's words can be summed up in this way: stop reckless marriages and treating the marriage ceremony as a right that everyone deserves.

The basic changes that hierarchs are preparing are the extension of premarital teachings, the extension of questions in the protocol written separately by each of the spouses before marriage (priests are to have the right to ask quite intimate questions, although in this topic there is no full clarity, hence it is worth waiting to settle all doubts ). There is also the idea of ​​employing psychologists and psychiatrists who will examine the couple in terms of preparation for the changes that the wedding brings, assessing readiness to promise themselves "love, loyalty and honesty" for life.

The new rules are to end the process of giving a wedding in a hurry. Much space in these considerations is devoted to "weddings by duty." According to hierarchs, pregnancy cannot be the only or even the most important reason for getting married.

What do you think about the above changes?