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"King on truancy"

"King on truancy"

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Do you know how to know if someone likes children?

After talking to them.

When he wants to say something, he crouches, approaches a few-year-old slightly and, looking him straight in the eyes, says "magic words". Quiet enough for other adults who are well above the child's level to not hear it and loud enough for the toddler to have no problem understanding them. Finally, he grunts significantly and winks, and the child giggles happily.

This is how Joanna Papuzińska, a professor of humanities and a researcher at the University of Warsaw creates a collection of nursery rhymes, jokes and flaps. By combining fairy tales with reality, serious topics with witty threads, words and playful words, it creates a booklet great not only for kids, but also for adults.

I recommend it especially to those who are bored with classic fairy tales with a red hood, beautiful princesses and gnomes. Everyone looking for a new breath, a breath of freshness in an interesting graphic form.

"King on truancy" is one of our last favorite books ... Rhymes full of class. I would highly recommend!

Thank you to the Literature Publishing House for providing a review copy of the book.