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Teether Gummy Tommee Tippee

Teether Gummy Tommee Tippee

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Another invention of marketers, staff from promoting products, to magically deal with the eternal problems of parents. Tommee Tippee teether recommended for teething babies is of little use or even impractical. It can be summarized simply: "It's not worth it!"

Good idea ... and that's all

Teether Gummy Tommee Tippee has special bulges that massage the gums and a cavity for applying a pain-relieving gel. It is available in interesting colors. It can be cooled in the fridge. There is no problem with its acquisition. This ends the list of advantages.

List of defects

Most mothers who buy Tommee Tippee teethers are convinced that the child will be able to hold it in his mouth like a teat (which, moreover, suggests the shape of the teether). Unfortunately, it's impossible. For younger children, when using this teether, constant adult help is necessary, because the infant is unable to hold the teether in his hand, and the teether inserted in the mouth by the adult falls out and is not sucked by the toddler. In the event that the infant already grabs objects, it suddenly turns out that the teether remains too big and the child is choking on it, and even less demanding tots just bite its sides. Just as they bite everything that falls - the cuff, the ear of a beloved teddy bear, blocks, wooden spoons, etc.

The teether is also heavy and for unknown reasons rejected by children for other products. In addition, the idea of ​​applying the gel is also not entirely developed. It is easier for the youngest infants to apply the gel with a finger, on which we will apply a flexible brush with protrusions, or even apply the preparation to a classic teat, if the child respects it.

The downside is also the price: 18 zlotys for two.

Useless gadget

To sum up: for "teat" babies, it's better to reach for a teat, and for babies who do not tolerate a teat, you can use a chilled teether or choose to massage your gums with a regular brush instead of spending extra money on a gadget that can easily be replaced with useful baby accessories .

However, if we decide to buy this teether anyway, it is worth remembering that the child may have a problem with its "handling" at first, that it is difficult to stick in the mouth and that applying the gel may not be as careful as when with your finger or even a finger pad.