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When was the first time to the hairdresser?

When was the first time to the hairdresser?

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Hair washing can be a real nightmare for both a child and a parent. The biting shampoo and the water flowing down the face are not pleasant for the toddler. A child usually responds by crying and the parent irritates, because you have to wash your hair.

While washing your hair is a procedure lasting several seconds (in the case of an efficient parent and crying child) and somehow possible to survive, cutting them becomes a real challenge. The child does not quite understand the meaning of cutting hair, which in addition is associated with the loss of something of its own, personal and can hurt after all.

When is the time to visit the hairdresser?

Initially, the baby's hair is thin and gently like the first chicken feathers, so you can easily trim them yourself at home. Then the hair thickens and there are two options - grow them or cut them.

When choosing the option to grow, however, you need to take into account the need to undercut them from time to time. However, when we want a child to have short hair, it must be trimmed regularly. Of course, there are efficient and talented parents who can cut both their scissors and the machine, but if you do not feel confident, it is better not to risk so as not to deter the appearance of the child.

It is true that the falling bangs to the eyes are less favorable to the child's health than cut by the mother with a zigzag, but it is not worth exposing the child to malicious comments.

There is no set border when a child should go to a hairdresser or cut hair. It all depends on the hair the child has, one has a thick and needs to be cut before the age of one, and some do not require cutting even to their second birthday. However, if we have a problem with combing and washing hair, as well as strands of eyes entering the child's eyes and irritating the ears, it is signals that a visit to the hairdresser is necessary.

Without a haircut until your first birthday?

Some homes believe that children are not cut off their hair until their first birthday, because it will be unlucky. This is connected with ancient customs, a child who usually turned one year old was subjected to the "haircut" rite, which was to bring happiness. However, this is not confirmed by any scientific research. The only danger arising from cutting before the first birthday is related to fear of pricking a busy baby with scissors, so be careful.

Preparing the child for a visit to the hairdresser

There are parents who think that it is better not to inform the child where he is going and what is waiting for them, in order not to stress the toddler. Of course, this method can work, the child will be so surprised that he will not move from the chair, but it can also bring an unexpected effect. Surprise for a child can turn out to be a real trauma and discourage a hairdresser for a long time.

So it's worth it prepare the child for a visit to the hairdresser beforehand and realize that this meeting is not a bad thing. At the beginning they will be useful fun in the hairdresser, e.g. a doll that can be cut and combed, dough pressed by a garlic press and cut with scissors.

Let the child realize that nothing bad will happen, and in addition he will be more comfortable in the new hairstyle and change the look to be more favorable. Before you go with your child to the hairdresser, you can demonstrate at home what the haircut stages look like, e.g. put your child on a chair in front of the mirror, put on an apron, use scissors or a razor.

The next step should be trip to the hair salon so that the child can see what is happening in such a place. At this time, the parent can use the services of a hairdresser and explain during the procedure that he does not feel pain and nothing bad is happening, and then show the effects of the hairdresser's work. Maybe at this time and the child will take courage to trim his hair?


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