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Dietary allergy sufferers - substitutes

Dietary allergy sufferers - substitutes

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A child can't eat milk, cream or wheat? Check how you can replace popular ingredients in the daily menu.


Cow's milk can be replaced with goat, which contains less lactose and is easier to digest, has the most micronutrients and minerals from all milk (unfortunately also often allergic), soy (the risk of sensitization is also higher) and vegetable drinks: almond, coconut, oat milk, rice (the safest option).

Selected milk can be prepared at home (cheaper way) or bought ready in a carton (in a health food store, in larger stores, online - in allergy stores). Also on sale are drinks in the form of a powder - to be dissolved in water, for self-preparation.

According to Chinese medicine, a great substitute for milk in a child's diet ... is grape juice. Interestingly, in some countries, e.g. in Germany, milk can only be called cow's milk and all its substitutes are called drinks.


You cannot eat butter on a non-dairy diet. This product can be replaced with avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, extra oil, and walnut oil. Another way? Buying non-dairy margarine (e.g. Optima Omega3) - although many experts do not recommend margarines for young children, it is worth keeping this in mind.

A recipe for non-dairy butter? Pour olive oil into a flat dish and put in the freezer for a while to get a solid form ready for spreading. In some cases butter garni is checked.

How to prepare garni butter? The recipe can be found in the book by Bożena Kropka "Defeat allergies": put butter in a deep saucepan, heat on medium heat, reduce fire to a minimum, preferably put on a plate, when foam develops, collect it with a spoon. When the foam stops forming, put the saucepans on and wait 10 minutes. Strain butter through cheesecloth into the fridge.

Sour cream

Traditional cream can be replaced with soy cream. Canned coconut milk can also be used. Spelled, oat, almond and coconut creams are also available on the market.

There are other ways. If we want to thicken the soup, we can:

  • add more potatoes,
  • add semolina, corn,
  • you can add red lentils to the soup,
  • the soup will thicken with millet, mixed pumpkin or zucchini.

To thicken the sauce, you can use two tablespoons of ground linseed distributed in a small amount of water.


How to replace cheese in a non-dairy diet?

In the form of cottage cheese, ground natural tofu (made from soy, a gluten-free product) with additives will work. However, almonds and tofu can be used in the cheesecake. Online, you can find some inspiring recipes.


If not an egg, then what? There is a substitute on the market for which we will pay about PLN 15 (200 grams of product). You can also use seeds of sage, coconut milk, Greek unsweetened yogurt, ground linseed, apple mousse, pumpkin puree, tofu.

Try egg substitutes:

  • 1 heaped tablespoon soy flour with 2 tablespoons water;
  • corn or rice gruel - binding meat to cutlets,
  • corn flour - in the form of coating,
  • 2 tablespoons baking powder with 1 tablespoon oil and 2 tablespoons water;
  • 2 tablespoons cornflour, amaranth flour or potato flour;
  • 1 tablespoon of ground linseed with 3 tablespoons of water;
  • for cakes and sweet dishes: ¼ cup mashed potatoes, pumpkins, apples or bananas.

Unfortunately, almost 90% of processed food contains eggs in various forms. Therefore, you must read the labels carefully when choosing everyday food products. Many products such as mayonnaise, cakes, snacks - we have to prepare ourselves. Fortunately, many recipes on the internet can handle this task.


Wheat can be replaced by alternates, groats (e.g. millet, buckwheat), corn and rice. In baking, you can use rice, amaranth, millet, nut, coconut flour (also by preparing them yourself by crushing individual food products).

The elimination diet does not have to be difficult. There are many products on the market that  are able to replace banned ingredients while providing valuable nutrients.