Promotion in pregnancy?

Promotion in pregnancy?

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In Poland, pregnancy is too often seen as a disease. Young mothers, on the other hand, are people who are removed from the market and are picked up as irresponsible employees who often get fired and who cannot be relied on. There are many reasons. Unfortunately, many of them are also on the side of future mothers, who even when they feel great and the symptoms of pregnancy have just appeared, are going to release. For various reasons. Therefore, the situation we would like to write to you about did not happen in Poland ... only in the industry of giants: Google and Yahoo! Far, far away ...

Marissa Mayer left Google after 13 years to help a company that hasn't been doing well lately: Yahoo! It would not be surprising if it wasn't for the fact that a 38-year-old woman is expecting a child. She is to be born in October this year. She is seven months pregnant.

Of course, the manager, who had quite a big tummy, informed her future employer about her pregnancy at the beginning of the recruitment process. For a job at Yahoo! other people also applied: men, as well as young women who leave their decision about pregnancy for the future. However, Marissa won and got a job offer. For the Yahoo! board manager's pregnancy was not an obstacle to hire her 3 months before delivery. As emphasized by those responsible for this decision: Marissa "like every woman must combine professional and private life". So it would seem trivial that nothing extraordinary ...

Unfortunately, it is difficult to imagine a similar recruitment process in Poland. It is difficult to predict that in the country in which we live, a similar decision would be made by the presidents of a large corporation. It seems impossible to employ a middle-aged woman, two months before the dissolution, for the time that most future young mothers spend at home ...

Or maybe you have a different opinion? Have you heard about the promotion of a pregnant woman? What are your experiences?