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What is bottle decay and how to prevent it?

What is bottle decay and how to prevent it?

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Usually occurs in children up to 3 years oldsoon after the milk tooth had erupted. It runs violently, initially attacking the incisors ...

Bottle caries - preventive causes and methods

This disease usually occurs in babies fed sweet foods through a teat bottle. The reason is prolonged duration of action of sugars in the mouth. Enamel in milk teeth is twice thinner than in permanent teeth. It's similar with dentin, that's why the dynamics of milk tooth decay is high. Rapid transition of one caries stage to another is observed. The pulp is also drawn into the disease process early.

Caries of milk teeth

In the case of bottle feeding, the contact of the oral cavity with sweet liquid (juice or milk) is longer than if the toddler was drinking e.g. from a cup. The situation is getting worse frequent night feeding - then in the mouth it is less saliva which usually brushes teeth. As a result, it is ideal for caries.

Caries in milk teeth, including bottled in short time leads to significant destruction of tooth tissues. Pulpy, over-sweetened foods and drinks stick to poorly mineralized teeth. At the teat attachment, they remain there, causing formation extensive carious defects in the front teeth, as well as gingivitis. Carious lesions appear on the enamel - brown or white spots. Cloves begin to ache, become sensitive to hot and cold drinks and foods.

Circular caries

Bottle decay may occur in the form of circular caries. Initially, it locates on the incisional surfaces of the incisors and canines near the tooth neck. Usually attacks the front teeth, symmetrically on the right and left.


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