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Children born in March

Children born in March

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Children born in March are to be creative, look at the world creatively and implement non-standard solutions where banality and predictability rule. Babies born at this time are also to have a better chance of working in the music industry and sky flights as aircraft employees: including pilots. Does the birth in March mean the birth of a happy star?

End of winter

The baby's birth in March is a very good time to welcome a new life. Above all, a plus is the change of aura: to a more favorable and favorable for long walks.

March is usually the beginning of spring. A time when all nature flourishes to new life. Often during this period, too, Easter falls, which symbolize new life and rebirth.

Month of war? Beginning month?

March is called the month of Mars, the Roman god of war. In ancient Rome, this period not only symbolized the beginning of spring, but also the start of many war campaigns. This is because this period was conducive to making decisions and starting new activities. For the same reason, once Great Britain and Russia began new calendars in March and not in January. New Year celebrations around the world are still held in March in many cultures. March is definitely still a favorable time for initiatives.

March stones

March stones are aquamarine and yarrow. The first of them is to give courage, reduce symptoms and anxiety and support in daily activities, thus ensuring happiness. In the Middle Ages it was believed that aquamarine allows you to fight poisons.

Yarrow, in turn, represents fortitude and prosperity. It is believed that it allows for conscious enrichment, not only by collecting material, but also spiritual goods. Yarrow represents rebirth.

March flowers

The symbol of March is a narcissus, a flower referring to friendship and family happiness. This flower is to suit especially sincere, romantic and generous people.


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