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Carcinogenic foam puzzle for children

Carcinogenic foam puzzle for children

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Foam mats for children can be dangerous. Especially the cheap ones, which we get for several dozen zlotys in every supermarket and which unpack and release an unpleasant smell. They contain formamide, which is a toxic substance that often causes irritation, rash and itching. Let us not be paranoid! Not all foam mats are carcinogenic. However, if we decide to buy them, we should be careful and carefully read the information on the composition of the products.

Why do many parents choose colored mats?

Because they are amazing comfortable and practical. You can take them anywhere (they are light and easy to assemble). When unfolded, they make a perfect playground for a small child. You can sit on them, crawl or even take your first steps. There is no fear that your toddler will come into contact with the cold floor or slippery tiles.

It is difficult to replace them with a carpetbecause it is impossible to imagine a situation during which we will roll up and take the rug everywhere. In addition, a smaller rug can slide (some stick it on with double-sided tape). In addition, the carpet collects dust and is more difficult to clean, for example, it is more difficult to remove spilled juice or baby vomit. The mat is more resistant to rain and its individual parts can be easily washed.

If colorful foam mats are not the best and the carpets fall off, what should you choose? Unfortunately, there are not many alternatives. You can opt for a larger educational mat, but this has the disadvantage that it will slide across the floor .... Some moms are trying to choose children's sports mats, available in large stores with products for active people. However, this is not a good idea in this case either. Many of these types of products have clear information in their descriptions that do not recommend using the mat when playing with children. You must be aware that the material from which this type of toy is made must be safe not only in direct skin-to-skin contact, but also in more extreme situations: when biting it by a child, drooling and later attempting to break the mat.

Carcinogenic substances

There is nothing to be paranoid about. Not all foam mats are dangerous. There are products on the market that are made of so-called EVA foam, which is odorless and non-toxic, and at the same time looks exactly like cheaper material. However, be careful: there are still mats on the Polish market that contain formalide, which is carcinogenic and, according to scientists, is expected to have a negative impact on fertility.

Mats discontinued

There is still no prohibition in Poland that would prohibit the sale of toxic foam mats. This is expected to change soon. Mats are withdrawn from sale from many European countries: Belgium, France. They will also be withdrawn from the entire European Union by 2013. Only safe foam mats made of non-hazardous material will remain on the market. Until then, be careful what you buy.