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Ciastolina Octopus

Ciastolina Octopus

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I am inclined to suppose that not only the Octopus with dough set is a toy that deserves the name HITU and that the other proposals from Play-DOH are equally successful, but due to the fact that at we write about what we tested and review products that we had the opportunity to "get to know each other well", the verdict has just such a specific face - a cute toy for squeezing, squeezing and forming in the shape of a smiling octopus. There are also cheaper play sets with dough on the market, but unfortunately not so good quality. The ones from Play-Doh perform much better. Each of the elements is convenient to use, adapted to small hands and every safe: be they 'mold-buttons' or small scissors. In addition, when a toddler is not able to cope with any of the elements, parents who are also able to operate the toy efficiently, despite having larger hands, can easily help.

The list of advantages of the Octopus set by Paly-Doh is really long. It doesn't end with the possibility of parents and children or siblings having fun together. An additional plus is to be paid for many fun options and for waking up creativity and manual skills of toddlers. Play-Doh Ciastolin is pleasant to the touch, easy to form: you can conjure up many shapes from it, and even create two-colored stars or fish with the help of the set.

There is no fear either security. When a toddler tries to eat a piece of a previously formed sphere, he will quickly find that despite the interesting colors, the dough is unpalatable, and the piece that lands in the tummy will certainly be the last and will not cause any negative consequences.

Included in the set containers with play dough. After playing, the dough is put in a convenient box. When the dough is dry (sealed tightly), you can wrap it with a damp cloth, and after this the material should return to the mold.

The toy is recommended for children for three yearsHowever, even under younger children can take advantage of its benefits.


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