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Feeding mesh

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Extending a child's diet is a challenge, especially when a small rebel opposes giving something other than milk. It goes differently with the spoon, some children are delighted with new flavors, others protest by spitting another pulp around. And when the time comes for larger chunks or lumps, the babies either choke or categorically refuse food. Then feeding nets can come in handy ...
On one of the portals I found a forum where mothers praised the feeding nets up to the heavens. They described their experiences, sharing information about how their children eat whole particles of fruit and vegetables in a magic mesh. I decided to try too. My choice fell on the Canpol feeding net, which was available at a nearby store.

Trial with apple

According to the manufacturer, the mesh is used to serve fruit, vegetables, pastries and cheese and is recommended from the age of 5 months. My son was at the stage of 6-7 months, so we started by thoroughly washing the mesh with all its elements (when the mesh seems too stiff, it can also be scalded). The first one went raw apple. It was not a good idea. His food was quite slow ... His son just started to come out of the teeth and the hard apple could not get out of the net. We ended up with a delicate "sighing" and abandoning the taste teether in the corner.

Approach number two - cooked carrots

The next in line queued up boiled carrot. And it was a hit! What was my surprise when my child understood that food was coming out of this teether. Great biting and munching began, and each attempt to pick up the mesh ended in a loud rebellion. When there was only a memory left after the carrot, I ... had a lot of cleaning. Some of the vegetables landed on the bib and my son's hands, some on the chair, which was not a problem for me, because the joy of eating a small person alone obscures all inconvenience. From then on, the mesh permanently entered the feeding times. I have never noticed that the small one was choking during its use, and in addition the product served as a teether.

Problem number one - cleaning

Cleaning the mesh is a real challenge. It was enough to wash the apple or orange under running water, but the banana was a bigger problem and you had to use a brush.
The manufacturer added a spare mesh to the set, which made life much easier, when one was still wet, we could use the other.

Problem number two - dirtying

The manufacturer suggests that the mesh works great on a trip or on a walk. I can't imagine using it in such situations. It would be enough to give your son a peach in a mesh while driving a car or on a walk, so that the result would be a dirty clothes, car seat (in the car) or pram (while walking).

Other possibilities

From 13 to 17 zlotys should be allocated for the Canpol net.
There are also Nuby nets for food on the market (cost 17-22 zlotys) and Baby Safe Feeder TEETHER, which is also used for feeding from 25-38 zlotys, as well as Sassy from 21-26 zlotys.

Product Advantages

  • protects against choking
  • allows the child to eat independently
  • can act as a teether during teething
  • To relieve pain when teething, you can put ice cubes in the mesh
  • helps in expanding the baby's diet
  • teaches a child to bite independently
  • makes baby food attractive

Product defects

  • difficult to keep clean especially after banana
  • product recommended from 5 months of age, however, keeping it in such a small handle can cause a problem
  • after a few uses, the mesh stains from the fruit and does not look aesthetically

Is it worth buying a mesh and which model to choose? This question must be answered by every mother. Nobody knows the child's needs as well as the person closest to the toddler. For some, the mesh is an unnecessary gadget that cleans a lot of cleaning, for others it gives a sense of security and teaches independence when giving a child larger particles of food.


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