Mama and me water contest

Mama and me water contest

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Dear Parents,

a few days ago we celebrated Father's Day. And since we have no doubt that Dads are as important in the life of a child as we are, we invite you to a competition inspired by the last holiday. write: What does paternity give you? Send your reply to the address [email protected] until July 10, 2012 and enjoy the awards funded by the "Mama i ja" spring water. Don't forget to include your address details: name, surname and address!

We will choose three people who will receive:
1) Set 1: towel, T-shirts, cup and sticker
2) Set 2: towel, cup and sticker
3) Set 3: cup and sticker

Car sticker, which informs that a toddler is riding in the car
Shirts - cotton set for mom and baby, great for warm summer days
Porcelain Mug just right for hot and cold drinks
Baby towel with hood - works well after a bath.

We invite you to have fun together!

Detailed regulations available here.

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