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Defeat anesthesia

Defeat anesthesia

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Every day, a Facebook wall is buried in appeals for help. Sweet baby faces, heart-catching shots, dramatic stories. Parents of sick children are fighting. And we Increasingly, we rewind, without reading, without reflection, without thinking. "I can't help everyone. Share - let others help ”. Do you think that sometimes? Maybe it is worth changing something?

Why don't we help? So embezzlement, swindles and ... pens

A few years ago, public scandal shocked the public. The founder of one of the public benefit organizations embezzled money from donations. The case is even more sad that before the crime took place Jakub Śpiewak, because we are talking about him, was an absolute authority. The man who first drew attention to the safety of children on the Internet. The case of the founder of Kidprotect, brought a drop in confidence in all kinds of foundations and organizations.

There are also companies in Poland that specialize in the use of sick children. Employees of this type of companies claiming to be volunteers, sell pens, postcards with images of sick children, bricks. Unfortunately, contrary to what buyers of this type of gadget think, the money obtained in this way does not go to needy children. In exchange for "lending the image" to those in need they get ridiculous amounts of several hundred zlotys a month. The huge amount of money collected in this way is credited to the accounts of agile CEOs. Unfortunately, such companies (apart from not informing donors about the real nature of collections) operate legally.

They also happen hideous misdeeds - illegal gatherings, stolen photos of sick children, fraud, embezzlement. People are increasingly doubting the honesty of others seeking support. Every case of fraud harms the truly needy. Insults us at asking for help.


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