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Why so serious? So smile, mother!

Why so serious? So smile, mother!

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In the old adage, "laughter is health" is more than a grain of truth. It's a fact scientifically confirmed. Laughter oxygenates the body, increases immunity, relieves stress, improves mood, adds energy. Only positives! Why are parents so often getting rid of their sense of humor, distance and humor?

A perfect mother
The pursuit of perfection is one of the greatest enemies of a sense of humor. Each of us has some visions before becoming a mother. A quick return to the figure from before pregnancy, beautiful, healthy and developing a book (and preferably a bit faster than it is described in the professional literature), a child, the best clothes, toys, equipment, breastfeeding as recommended, a perfectly run home, plus wonderful relationships with a partner. Unfortunately, rapid implementation of all of the above-mentioned assumptions is simply impossible. And here the stairs begin. Either we will accept the fact that perfect mothers exist only in diaper ads, or we will fight for perfection at all costs. The first payment for striving for absolute perfection is just the loss of a sense of humor and distance to each other.

A perfect child
We stimulate. High-tech toys, designer gadgets, luxury equipment. Sure, they can be helpful, but they will not replace what is most important: smiling, relaxed parents. Meanwhile, our pursuit of excellence also includes a child. We unknowingly set requirements for him. It is to develop better, teach faster, be "more polite", better dressed, dehair-free and relaxed. Does the fact that a child accomplished a given feat faster than other children? Well it has. Thanks to us, mothers are closer to perfection - after all, thanks to our efforts, the child develops so fantastically. Unfortunately, between the stylization of yourself and the child (that everyone would say in disbelief: You have recently given birth? You don't look at all!), Being a perfect housewife, and maintaining the appearance of perfection in every inch, what is missing is important: space for cordial, unrestrained laughter from ... itself.

Or maybe some distance?
Distance to yourself is a powerful weapon. He defeats us into a lesson, lets us draw conclusions, makes us harder to hurt, and finally makes us strong. Is this not what we want to teach children? We won't teach unless we show that laughing at ourselves is an advantage. Meanwhile, perfect, they don't laugh at themselves - because they have no reason. They don't apologize - they are welcome. They don't make mistakes. They know everything best, so they don't change their mind (even if they want to. After all, consistency is the most important thing). How long can you keep this illusion? Several years. Later, our child will be disappointed - when he understands that this is not true.