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Canpol Babies nursing bra

Canpol Babies nursing bra

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Although bras for nursing mothers Canpol Babies is a very popular product, available in larger supermarkets and online stores, the manufacturer has a lot to do to make his offer somewhat competitive and worth recommending.

Canpol Babies bras are available in a few sizes. The size itself is quite unpredictable and difficult to choose to suit your needs. Only women with small breasts or with small breasts and a large circumference under the bust can be satisfied. In addition, the cups are difficult to adjust to the breasts, are quite uncomfortable, and the quality of the entire product leaves much to be desired.

There is no proper support for the breast, stiffening and supporting the bust, which should be standard for larger and heavier breasts after feeding.

In addition, Canpol Babies bras are unstable and after a few washes they stretch and turn gray.