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"Far yet - what to do children during the trip?"

"Far yet - what to do children during the trip?"

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A few days ago we took a two and a half hour journey. The daughter was not about to squint. On the contrary, at the beginning she watched the surroundings excitedly, repeating "trumtumtumtum", which meant that we were going to the zoo, to see the elephant, and after a few dozen minutes to show tiredness. One and a half years is not yet time for puzzles, rebuses and observing pictures to find the difference, but for funny nursery rhymes anyway. That is why the book 'Far from now? What to do kids during travel? I put it in my purse. It worked.

Traveling with a child

Traveling with a child is a big challenge. Especially if we spend more than an hour and a half in the car. The little ones get impatient quickly and are terribly boring. When they are older and additionally decide not to sleep (even very tired, which was confirmed by the example of our daughter), we have room to show off. Perhaps the hour of singing, chatting and coming up with different stories is not enough for some, for others a lot. The fact that probably every parent has a "hot spot", after which he would like to travel differently becomes difficult and tiring. You have to act and ideas from the outside that help you reach your destination calmly and in good mood.

With a child in the car - we fight boredom

The book "Far Away" by Marcin Przewoźnik is a good guide for parents of four-year-olds and older children, to a lesser extent younger. It consists of several parts.

In the first we find rhymes and songs that make the way more pleasant, in the second the fun moves out the window, the author presents several reliable recipes, how to make toddlers' journey more pleasant, then there are games and plays, mazes, rebuses, ciphers, crosswords and pictures that encourage them to find the difference.

Noteworthy are also pictures that are simple and interesting: preserved in one color and far from trash.

Far yet what to do children on the go sosrodzice

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