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"The happiest sleepyhead in the area"

"The happiest sleepyhead in the area"

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I have already read at least a dozen or so books 100% devoted to problems with falling asleep of infants and young children. From guidebooks, which today are widely criticized in many circles for "allowing to cry", through various positions promoting methods of "controlling crying", postponing and calming, through those focusing on the advantages of sleeping with children. Each of them usually propagated the main motto, somehow disqualifying the others.

Harvey Karp, whose method of falling asleep we have already written here, surpasses the other authors in this respect in that he is able to treat each method fairly, allowing its use - outlining its flaws, but not disqualifying her. Thanks to this, it leaves parents with what should be there, and what many "pompous authors" take away the right to decide. Without slander, ridicule or self-exaltation. And this approach to the issue deserves applause. The advantage of this item is even more.

Sleep problems with the child

Sleep is one of the greatest needs of every human being. Unfortunately, when we become parents, sleepless nights become almost the norm. That is why we want everything to return to normal and the nights pass again peacefully and without undue interference. We are waiting with longing for the child to sleep from 22 to 7 am.

However, the carp leave no illusions: waiting for changes until the child grows up is not the best idea. In this way, instead of dealing with the problem, we deepen it and often turn a trivial problem into a habit that is much harder to correct.

Advice for small and large

An unquestionable advantage of this book is the advice for parents of infants and older children (2-year-olds, 4-year-olds, etc.).

Carp describes methods that can prove themselves at certain stages of life. The average reader will read about many of them for the first time because we will not find them in other guidebooks and this is a huge advantage of this publication.

Unfortunately, there are also places where the author's suggestions only force a grimace of irritation. In fact, they do not contribute much and leave so much on the side of the parents that it would be possible without them.

Despite the few weak spots, the position defends itself. Fully. First of all, because it is universal. Carp offers a parent a wide range of tools (0d pacifier, cuddly, "drying" and ending with cuddling. Each can be a great way to better sleep for tired parents and the child. Does it work?

Karpa's advice was a godsend for us ...

Thank you to Mamania publishing house for the review copy of the book.