Layette for kindergarten - what will be useful and what is unnecessary?

Layette for kindergarten - what will be useful and what is unnecessary?

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Kindergartens are different. Parents are required to buy and bring with them a quilt, pillow, blanket, plastic materials (crayons, cards, paints, plasticine, etc.), hygiene materials (towels, toothbrush, soap, toilet paper, handkerchiefs) others only need to prepare the baby's wardrobe (clothes, backpack and slippers). For these reasons, the kindergarten set may look completely different, depending on which institution our child is going to.

Basic kindergarten

These things are likely to be needed in every facility:

  • slippers (before you buy, check if your toddler can put them on himself) with Velcro or snaps with non-slip soles, kindergarten slippers should not be tied,
  • backpack that usually hangs in the cloakroom (with change of clothes),
  • additional easy to put on clothes - sweatpants, blouses, socks, panties,
  • swimsuit (if children have classes in the water),
  • sports outfit (for sports activities),
  • apron or bib (sometimes - for art classes or useful while eating),
  • if children are aged - depending on the institution, pajamas (not always), a blanket, a pillow or bedding (usually in younger groups).

For different weather

It is worth considering a different aura and buy a toddler not only for kindergarten:

  • wellingtons,
  • a rain jacket
  • dungarees made of water resistant material,
  • waterproof, comfortable footwear.

A small preschooler works well when he also has a backpack and a shoe bag.

Hygienic products are required in some establishments

In other things, these things are bought by employees of the facility:

  • toothbrush, cup and paste,
  • towel,
  • comb or hairbrush,
  • wipes,
  • soap
  • toilet paper.

And art articles

As above, in many outlets they are bought from the fees charged by the outlet's authorities:

  • crayons,
  • pencils,
  • paints, brushes,
  • pens,
  • pad,
  • notebook,
  • coloring
  • paper,
  • colored paper,
  • secure scissors,
  • glue,
  • pencil sharpener.

Kindergarten clothes

Experienced kindergarten teachers emphasize that more important than fashion. The child should feel confident and safe in the kindergarten and not worry that he will not be able to take his pants off when he has to use the toilet. Therefore, especially for a debuting preschooler it is worth choosing comfortable clothing, elastic pants, cotton blouses, all without unnecessary decorations, buttons or strings.

Let's focus on comfort that the toddler does not add stress in the first days in kindergarten.

Besides, it's worth thinking about marking baby's clothes, that they would not simply be wrong. There are special inserts for sale, sewn-in ribbons with name and surname, which can be attached to clothing in various ways. It is a very practical and convenient solution.

It is also recommended in many places signing slippers on the sole, which is a great help when it turns out that children have similar footwear for a change.

For a trip to kindergarten, it is worth going with a child, which will be a great psychological preparation for him.

And what do you buy for kindergarten?