No penalty for not vaccinating?

No penalty for not vaccinating?

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Eco-parents who refuse vaccination for various reasons may have reason to be satisfied. Their decisions, which a few weeks earlier were subject to the risk of punishment, are today under the watchful eye of the Chief Sanitary Inspector and deputies. Stanisław Biliński, GIS, gives MPs a clear signal: "it is time that not vaccinating children would no longer be punishable". If Members use this opinion, or rather an indication, perhaps soon the refusal of vaccination will not be burdened with unpleasant consequences.

On the one hand, it is believed that parents should vaccinate children, as provided protection for the whole society and avoids plague dangerous diseases, defeated long ago, but waiting to sleep for a while when they could attack. On the other hand, the Chief Sanitary Inspector is of the opinion that failure to do so should not be punished.

All ambiguities have their source in one act: in art. 17 of the Actwho says that the parent is obliged to bring the child to vaccinate. On the other hand, the list of compulsory vaccinations, the rules on which they should be carried out and their method of documentation specifies Minister of Health in the ordinance. Two years ago, in the Act on preventing and combating infections and infectious diseases in humans there was a current record saying that a parent who does not vaccinate a child must face a fine.

This provision was abolished in 2008, but this provision remains relevant. Another provision constantly indicates that vaccination is compulsory. It is he who is the basis on which sanitary and epidemiological stations force caregivers to perform a specific action, and all omissions are described as unlawful.

There are other suggestions: that vaccinations should not be compulsory but recommended and that children should not be admitted to school if they do not give up.

What do you think about it? Should vaccinations be mandatory? Should parents decide about this fact?