Books that I read with pleasure to my children - a subjective list

Books that I read with pleasure to my children - a subjective list

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We always read in our home, read a lot and almost everything. As soon as I think about my grandmother, I see walks in the woods, work on the plot, a black mongrel Kora and grandmother eating dinner in a large room (we, the children, we could only eat in the kitchen), enjoying a moment of peace and trying to pull out at least a fragment, though a chapter from the currently read book. Holidays - a vacation in the company resort, with a bunch of kids and a mother seen from the corner of her eye sunbathing on a deck chair with a book in hand. Books constituted and constitute holiness, books are not thrown away in our home, just as bread is not thrown away. Therefore, it was completely natural for me to read with my children from their first moments.

What does reading really give you? Focusing

I noticed the beneficial effect of reading recently, quite by accident. On Dorota Zawadzka's Facebook page, a mother asked for book order for her six-year-old child. It was supposed to be something that the child would be able to listen to without getting bored and concentrating from beginning to end. I immediately looked at the answers because there might be titles I don't know. I felt then great pride. Thanks to the statements of other parents, I understood how much daily reading gave to my children who have long been able to focus not only on stories and novels, but on quite serious novels. They follow the action, understand it, memorize subsequent chapters and are able to connect the whole story when we read one per day.

Reading before falling asleep - what for?

I also noticed amazingly the beneficial effect of evening reading on falling asleep my children. Reading calms them down, calms down, brings us closer together and allows us to fall asleep peacefully. These are my private observations. However, the benefits are much more. As we can easily guess, reading aloud stimulates brain development, enriches children's vocabulary, teaches how to build beautiful sentences. Involuntarily, the child learns the correct language, its style and grammar. Reading sensitizes, teaches empathy and develops imagination.

To bring children a little of my childhood, I decided to read them books that were my beloved 20 years ago. This does not mean that there are no interesting items for our little ones on the contemporary publishing market. Are. But it's extremely pleasant to compare your and your child's opinions. Watch his reactions. Discussions on the subject of reading and telling how I understood it at their age and how now, are fantastic shared experiences that cost so little.

Books that are worth reading to a child

Below is a subjective list of books that I admired as a child and which I returned to thanks to my offspring:
1. Series "Read me, mom" - is an offer for the youngest children. Published by our bookstore since 1951. Surely you remember these little books with characteristic pictures on the back. And these illustrations! Let's show children the aesthetics of those books, let us teach them that not only the ubiquitous now pink and glitter can be beautiful. If you don't have your childhood books, nothing is lost - the publishing house has returned to this series and published it in a slightly changed form.
2. "Mr. Kleks Academy" - but also the next parts of the adventures of this nice professor. Who among us did not want to move to the world of fairy tales, just like Adam Niezgódka?
3. "Children of Bullerbyn" - it seemed to me that this book would be out of date, but it turned out that a group of little heroes liked my children. By the way, we discussed the differences in the lives of children in contemporary Sweden and today's Poland.
4. "Stories from the Moomin Valley"And other books in this series. Do you know that my children were afraid of Buki as much as I was, and they adored Little Me and Włóczykija. Little Mi's self-confidence and Włóczykij's freedom, as you can see, invariably delight.
5. "Chronicles of Narnia" - all seven volumes. We, apart from the first, obviously liked the volume "Horse and his boy" because of one of the main characters - the talking horse Bri.
6. "Doctor Dolittle and his animals" - and, as in the case of previous items, other parts. We love talking animals! We held our breath as the monkeys built the monkey bridge, fearing that the Doctor would escape from the pursuit.
7. "Wonderful Journey" - you would not like to experience a transformation into a dwarf and travel on the back of a gander. In the book, we observe the internal transformation of both characters, a transformation that gives a very good educational example.
8. "Secret Garden" - oh, how I wept for poor Colin.
9. "Ania z Zielnego Wzgórze" - and all the rest of her life, as well as the adventures of her daughter Rilla. This series is almost sacred to me. My children haven't met her yet.
10. "Call of Blood" and "White Fang" - the first of them is the favorite position of my almost seven-year-old daughter. However, the choice of these novels for such young children must be a decision thought by the parent, a very individual decision, tailored to the child's development and sensitivity. London writes about death, about the cruel laws of nature, but also about the great beautiful friendship of man and animal.
11. All books by Kornel Makuszyński. I can't decide which one I loved the most. I think it was "A friend of the happy devil". We really like the heroes of these novels for their normality.
12. "Pooh's House" - all our characters have gained our love. Their psychological outline is created phenomenally.
13. "The Little Prince" - a book that we rediscover at all ages. Try to read it with your children and discuss your feelings. It's amazing how much serious and adult content has been conveyed in it. How many layers it has.
And besides: a series about Tomek Wilmowski, about Mr. Samochodzik, books such as: "This stranger", "Meeting at the seaside", "Karolcia", "About a dog who rode the railway", "Lessie come back", "Plasticia diary" , "Bajarka tells", "Nutcracker" and many others.
And you, to which books did you and your kids return?