She gave birth to a second child after the transplant

She gave birth to a second child after the transplant

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Everything points to it the first such case in Poland and the twelfth in the world, when a woman after a heart transplant gave birth to a healthy child for the second time. A healthy boy was born in Łódź. A second pregnancy after a heart transplant is considered almost a miracle.

13 years ago a woman underwent a heart transplant. The operation was successful. Unfortunately, the woman's brother who had died after a similar operation was not so lucky.

She gave birth to her first son five years ago. Another was born on March 26. The young mother emphasized that this is the most beautiful Christmas gift.

The delivery ended with a cesarean section. In the state of the woman, there was no question of the child's natural delivery.

The pregnancy of Lodz was for doctors a real challenge. The woman remained under the care of cardiologists all the time. The most difficult dosage was to prevent transplant rejection during pregnancy. The changing condition of the woman, weight and changes during pregnancy were an obstacle and were the cause of many anxieties.

The first transplant in the world was performed in 1967, in Poland in 1985. The dream of the doctors performing the first treatments was for the patient to survive. Today, after a transplant, one or even two children can be born. This is very good news for all people with chronic cardiovascular disease.


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