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How does a pregnant diet affect my baby's future health?

How does a pregnant diet affect my baby's future health?

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Talking about the importance of a pregnant diet, we risk treating us like a bishop bringing bad news. That is why I would like to emphasize at the very beginning that this is not about arousing guilt in any of my mothers or about being pregnant in fear. On the other hand, it is not that silent truth is better than facts that are thrown on the shoulders emotionally unstable we have a great responsibility - for the health of the future child. It's worth knowing absolutely everything that affects the baby's health. Even if the cost is disgust for sweets and remorse after drinking cola during pregnancy.

If you think it's better to have knowledge than not have it, read on. It was in this spirit that this article was created.

A healthy diet during pregnancy - does it really matter?

Recent research shows that the healthier the life in our mother's belly, the healthier the life outside. The better we eat during pregnancy, the better start we will provide for the baby

Animal studies have shown that dietary changes can change the function of genes. Hence, epigenetics developing these relationships, i.e. the impact of the environment on the human genome, is developing more dynamically.

Diet during pregnancy - when you eat not only for yourself ...

Incorrect mother's eating habits can affect virtually any child's system:

  • endocrine system - fluctuations in insulin levels, abnormal glucose metabolism,
  • reproductive system - more likely to develop polycystic ovary syndrome,
  • circulatory system - endothelial dysfunction, stiffness of the arteries, thus a greater risk of hypertension in adulthood,
  • bone structure - reduced bone mineral density,
  • digestive system - worse liver function, impaired cholesterol metabolism,
  • immune system - more susceptible to allergies and infections.

Child obesity and other weight problems

It turns out that there is also a relationship between the amount of body fat in the future mother and the amount of body fat in the future. If the fetus in the abdomen does not receive enough appropriate ingredients or receives too many inappropriate ingredients, a strong adaptive mechanism begins to function, which causes the fat body to accumulate in the baby's body. A toddler is born with an increased risk of becoming obese in adulthood.

Researchers were able to prove that by examining surrogate women what happens in the uterus has an equally large, if not greater, impact on a child's tendency to develop a variety of diseases than genetics. This was also confirmed by observations in World War II, which showed that women who starved often gave birth to children suffering from glucose metabolism disorders. In this way, the theories that the child would always feed at the expense of mother and if it is not supplied with enough nutrients, it will "take" them from the woman's body. Nothing similar!

Diabetes and the diet of a future mother

Poor nutrition during pregnancy can also have an effect on reducing the number of beta cells producing insulin in the pancreas, which unfortunately often ends in diabetes.

In addition, overeating of the future mother (chronically higher insulin levels) causes the child to be born with elevated levels of insulin and blood sugar, which increases the likelihood of developing diabetes. It turns out that today's diet and lifestyle mean that the incidence of diabetes among children is constantly increasing.

Menu during pregnancy and hypertension

Currently, 25% of adults suffer from hypertension.

Scientists are increasingly noticing that Incorrect diet during pregnancy can lead to poorer elasticity of the arteries in the child, which significantly increases the risk of hypertension in adulthood.

The diet should be well balanced

The future mother's diet should not lack products from any group. According to Diabetes, the unnatural limitation of carbohydrates, for example, will increase the occurrence of obesity and the above-mentioned diabetes in the future. The diet of a pregnant mother can interfere with DNA and change it.

The British Heart Foundation, which deals primarily with the prevention of heart disease, taking into account the above data and the results of the conducted tests, urges pregnant women to eat reasonably, paying attention to the use of a diverse menu. More on this topic.

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