Let's go for a walk with the child! Because it needs it!

Let's go for a walk with the child! Because it needs it!

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What does my child need? - New parents often break their heads over this issue. Trying to meet children's needs, they buy new toys and clothes, take care of a proper diet, look for offers of extra-curricular activities ... All this for the sake of a small person, who at the moment of being born becomes their "apple of the eye".

Meanwhile, in addition to the abovementioned and - of course - parents' love, the sucklings need ... little to grow properly outdoor movement. All children (especially those in preschool) are characterized strong need for movement. There is even talk of so-called "Hunger for movement", which is the basis of their great mobility. It is worth bearing this in mind, especially in times of rapid development of "lazy" our bodies of new technologies, which often become more attractive for a baby than a trip to the forest, park or playing on the playground. Children less and less enjoy sport by choosing to watch TV or computer games. Instead of playing carefree with their peers - they send at most "short text information" to each other.

What are the consequences of not moving outdoors?

Very serious. Children who rarely go out into the yard are often observed:

  • vitamin D3 deficiency (our body needs the sun to produce it),
  • poor physical condition,
  • overweight,
  • impaired immunity and susceptibility to infection.

There is another factor: such children show a lack of interest in the natural world ("Nature deficit syndrome"), lack of sensitivity to its beauty and unique character, uniqueness. As demonstrated by the results of numerous scientific studies, contact with the natural world stimulates the senses, sensitizes and brings relief, releases stress and allows you to calm down.

Play at the playground is a great opportunity for children to:

  • develop your physical skills on constructions,
  • climb, slide down - while improving your sense of balance, hand-eye coordination,
  • explore the possibilities of your body, gaining confidence.

Outdoor activities:

  • ensures well-being,
  • teaches creativity,
  • is an antidote to boredom,
  • builds natural immunity,
  • stress reliever,
  • prevents aggression.

And if the fun outside takes place in a group - will help in acquiring social skills, learning to cooperate and important social rules. It will also allow for exploring the world and experiencing reality, providing natural stimuli needed to acquire new knowledge.

Not every parent (or child's guardian) is aware of this, that outdoor movement and associated impact on high motor skills has a huge impact on their intellectual and emotional development of our children. The beginning of this development is the stage of sensory-motor intelligence, and the psyche and motor skills are closely related.

We will observe this already in infants (the development of their psyche is assessed by motor development), and it will be most fully visible in preschool children, who are not only able to walk, but also ride bikes, jump, run, roll, with freedom and precision. climb ladders, kick and throw the ball or swim.

These skills have a huge impact on:

  • learning to read,
  • development of artistic skills (drawing and painting), as well as writing,
  • free speech development.

There are many studies confirming that children who are reluctant to play outdoors or avoid manual play have a lot of difficulty learning to write at school. Let's imagine that for a child to be able to efficiently use a crayon, pen or scissors, it is necessary for him to achieve smooth movement, cope with coordination and maintain balance.

It is up to us, however, to allow them to acquire such skills, to encourage them - preferably by their own example. If we ourselves regularly go for walks and do some sport - the little ones will be happy to follow us.