Shy as a preschooler, or calmly - does a child grow out of it?

Shy as a preschooler, or calmly - does a child grow out of it?

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There is a stage that the bold and open child suddenly ... begins to grow up and hides behind a mamin skirt and sticks to dad's leg. And with this behavior he introduces his parents in amazement. Because how

Just two months earlier, the toddler had no problem with dancing in the middle of the room, showing off by just met people, he gladly went everywhere with his aunt, smiled at the lady in the store ...

However, it turns out that it is natural. Shyness of a preschooler, i.e. a child about 3-5 years old, is just as natural as often the lack of such behavior in the same toddler two years earlier.

Transition Stage

The children are different. However, most go through similar stages, regardless of temperament around 3-4 birthday toddler becomes more shy than before. Exceptionally open children suddenly start having problems with greeting, asking for a favor, not to mention singing a song or saying a poem. Change can be so sudden that a parent often can't believe it.

The child is most often shy in the company of a person who enjoys his authority (e.g. an older colleague, a lady in a kindergarten) and among people who have caused the child discomfort.

When is shyness a problem?

Shyness in a preschooler can sometimes be a problem. Especially if it hinders the child's contact with peers.

Shyness can be caused by irrational upbringing methods that cause a child to withdraw. Maybe the child is so reprimanded for failures that he is afraid of taking risks. Perhaps the toddler is thrown into deep water, and this does not always work and sometimes gives the opposite effect. A child, regardless of whether they fail or win, should know that they are accepted. You should feel the support of your loved ones.

If the toddler after returning from kindergarten for many weeks has nothing to say, is introverted, prefers to stay alone, is not interested in interacting with other children, it is worth visiting a psychologist and find out the cause of this problem.

This is important because excessive shyness makes life difficult, everyday contacts and professional development in the future.