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7 ways to increase fertility

7 ways to increase fertility

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You are trying to get a baby, so you don't want to wait long. You are like most couples who want to get pregnant faster than later. For obvious reasons, you have sex in the ovulation area, but experts suggest that there are other ways to increase the chance of seeing the coveted lines on the pregnancy test.

All you need is a few small changes to look forward to the moment when you'll be able to shout - "yes, I'm pregnant!".

What to do to get pregnant? - weight

Both being overweight and underweight can make it difficult for a woman to become pregnant. This factor is often overlooked by couples seeking offspring, and it is crucial.

Researchers evaluated the BMI index of 2112 pregnant women. It turned out that the ladies who had before pregnancy BMI from 25 to 39, that is, those with overweight or obesity had to wait twice as long to get pregnant. In turn BMI less than 19 (18.5 to 24.9 is considered the norm) for women planning to enlarge their family, there is even less chance of conceiving soon. In their case, the conception time increases fourfold.

A fertile window - when to have sex to get pregnant?

Many couples make the same mistake - they wait with sex until the day of ovulation. Meanwhile, studies show that the easiest way to get pregnant is to have sex for the first three days before ovulation.

Increase fertility - protect sperm

What else can you do to increase your chance of conception?

It certainly matters sperm quality, and this is influenced by ... temperature. That is why men are not recommended to bathe in hot water. What else matters?

One study has shown that scrotal temperature has increased in men using it portable computers. Therefore, gentlemen who want to be fathers should protect the testicles from excessive heat.

Coffee and alcohol and female fertility

Women seeking a child should pay attention to what they drink. Too much food caffeine (coffee) and alcohol negatively affect fertility.

Experts have calculated this. It turns out to be drinking more than 5 cups of coffee a day (equivalent to approximately 500 milligrams of caffeine) is associated with reduced fertility. Moderate caffeine intake, however, has no negative effect on the possibility of becoming pregnant. It limit yourself to 200-250 mg of caffeine per day, one-two cups should not adversely affect fertility.

How is the matter with alcohol? Swedish research results showed that women drinking two drinks a day reduced their chance of pregnancy by 60%. Interestingly, there is no evidence that moderate (e.g. dinner wine lamp) alcohol consumption affects pregnancy.

Do you want to get pregnant? Stop smoking

Smoking cigarettes affects fertility in both men and women. Experts indicate that nicotine has the effect of "an open wound in the uterus". In men, smoking can cause a reduction in sperm production and DNA damage.

Quit smoking before you are pregnant.