How to smuggle vegetables with meals?

How to smuggle vegetables with meals?

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There are different views on a very popular problem among parents: "My child doesn't want to eat vegetables."

Some believe that the way to make small, nasty toddlers is to give dishes in such a way that the appearance of the meal encourages food, that is, creating on the plate various characters, animals, plants from vegetables. Others argue that these methods do not work or are effective for a while. In the latter group there is a view that it is worth smuggling vegetables with meals, without waiting for the child to convince them. How to do it?

Instructions below!

Cutlets with vegetables

Vegetables can be smuggled in meatballs, preparing a meal according to a tried and tested recipe, but adding finely chopped vegetables. For example, they may work minced chops with grated carrots, parsley and

celery or meatballs with carrots alone, which will be milder in taste. You can try the connection Grated carrots and zucchini with vegetables and spices in a ratio of 1/3 vegetables to 2/3 meat.

Stuffed cabbage leaves with vegetables

We cook 2-3 large potatoes in their skins. We grind peas, onions and potatoes seasoned with salt, white and herbal pepper and garlic. We add rice and wrap in previously cooked cabbage leaves. Stew in a mushroom or tomato sauce.

Mixed soups

Creams may be more attractive than traditional soups for children who prefer non-preferred vegetables. Often this simple way is enough. When a child does not see that he is eating vegetables, he does not complain.


You can fry finely chopped onion and grated celery or parsley root (vegetables that do not stand out in color) and combine them with rice. Of course, we also prepare broth from vegetables.

Tomatoes every day

Some parents may be indignant in this way, but ... apparently it works: I heard about a young woman who fed children tomatoes every day on "holidays". However, after getting to know the tomato plant turned out to be quite specific. One day it was transparent, the other green, the third yellow. The children liked the tomato soup so much that they ate it with taste in different colors, actually eating a different soup every day. Fraud? Maybe…

I am the bad one who happened to tell a child when a toddler decided not to like tomatoes for several days, that tomato is not made of tomatoes (for example from tomato juice or puree). I also denied that dill was a vegetable, because maybe it is an addition, a spice (?), That my son would eat potatoes sprinkled with green. Maybe I did wrong and my little cheating will take revenge, but in this way the child ate, and I did not have to worry about what to prepare in return for one or the other little man.

Pizza with vegetables

Kids usually like pizza. It can be prepared at home and richly layered on: paprika, tomatoes, leeks, broccoli florets, cauliflower, zucchini, eggplant. Can it be tasty, healthy and different?

Pancakes, dumplings, cakes

Dumplings stuffed with vegetables or vegetables in a batter? Sounds tasty. To break the bad run, you can try preparing a chocolate cake with zucchini, carrot cake, fruit and vegetable muffins.