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Breast-feeding studies

Breast-feeding studies

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The lactation period in some women lasts several days, in others a few months. It happens that counts in years. That is why it is so important to take care of health while breastfeeding and not to forget about prevention. It is not worth postponing important tests until later, when "I'm done feeding".

Breast examination - self-monitoring during lactation

For the purposes of this article, I conducted a mini probe.

I asked a question to 30 women friends whether during pregnancy and later after the birth of the child, when they were breastfeeding, examined the breasts for possible changes.

As many as 70% answered that they did not. These results will be even more interesting when I add that 50% of them breastfeeded for over half a year.

That means that for at least 15 months they didn't bother with their own breasts, completely forgetting the recommended monthly check, self-examination. In addition, as many as 80% of them did not have breast examinations during pregnancy visits to the gynecologist!

I am aware that 30 women are not a representative group. Still, I can assume that the problem is and that many moms just forget about themselves, when he has "more important things" on his mind.

This is not just because of lots of changes and new responsibilities, but also because breasts pregnant and later during feeding changes. The breasts are tender, often swollen, painful, their appearance changes, but also the "structure". Lack of self-control also results out of fear.

Malignant lesions may also appear during pregnancy and lactation. That's why you should remember about diagnostics!

Breast ultrasound during lactation

There are absolutely no contraindications perform ultrasound on breastfeeding women. If necessary, the doctor may carry out the examination several times and this fact does not affect lactation.

However, it should be noted that interpretation of ultrasound during lactation is not easy due to active mammary glands. In addition, various densities, local cysts, etc. may appear and disappear in the breast during this period.

Cytology and lactation

During breastfeeding (however after the end of the puerperium), cytological tests may be performed. However, due to a problem in assessing the results of many doctors, recommends cytology after lactation.

If, despite this, we do the examination during breastfeeding, you need to be prepared that the result may be incorrect, which, however, is usually not a cause for concern.

The lactation period is quite specific and altered hormonal balance may give a false result of cytological examination. For this reason, in order to obtain a more reliable result, it is better to carry out the examination in pregnancy, which, if the result is correct, will allow you to come back for another examination in two years.