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Dear Parents, thank you for all applications. Reading your answers to the question of what paternity gives, we have often smiled and moved. We received interesting answers from both Mums and a really large group of Dads! Thank you for that!

We decided to reward the authors of the following answers.

Set 1: towel, T-shirts, cup and sticker

Fatherhood is a great gift. It may sound pathetic, such an old-fashioned phrase - but it makes sense to me. A gift, because not everyone can become a father and not everyone wants to be a father.

It is not enough to find a nice girl and father a child to earn the name of father ... fatherhood is a whole life dedicated to the development and happiness of your toddler. Fatherhood gives above all satisfaction.

First of all, because I'm a father, that I proved myself in this basic, primitive, but still reproductive role. It builds my ego.

Secondly, the satisfaction that brings me is that this great and awkward guy who "gracefully" goes out only holding a brick can pick up a tiny creature and give him milk without hurting him or rewind the diaper ... It is also satisfying to know that this little creature is part of me - it has my eyes, a snub nose and a gap between teeth ... I would never deny it! Fatherhood also gives you the strength to be a better person, to be able to set an example to a child. I can even be a malicious, arrogant type for myself, I don't care what people say about me, but when you are a father, you weigh your deeds differently, wonder, ponder ... I don't want my child to hear that his father is a mess .

Paternity is the best time in a man's life, that's when he has the chance to prove himself as a 100% man, when he is able to commit a few nights in a row to spare his beloved at least to a minimum so that she doesn't have to get up every night and heats the milk when I can give up a beer with my friends to take a toddler bath, when I can take him for a walk, put him to bed and fall asleep in his arms ... Fatherhood makes a man grow up - because when there is competition at home, it is not proper to be a child.

Robert Grudziński

Set 2: towel, cup and sticker

What does paternity give you?

Watching my friends and my partner there is only one correct answer - many!

First of all, just like a mother is growing up, whether she is 20 or 35, so is the father - suddenly the future of the child is drawn before him, suddenly new challenges are faced, suddenly the huge shell of the male breaks and he becomes a tender and extremely tender guy! Almost all my friends observe this behavior - especially children up to 2 years old put them in this state!

Suddenly, boys' daddies draw in the imagination a picture of future tough guys and wonder when to take him to the first match, how to teach him that he needs to be defended, etc. Daddies of girls are already wondering how to chase the suitor from the yard and how they will protect her from the boys: - I already know how they are!

Fatherhood is responsibility, mutual help, sharing mom and being aware that someone else is with us ...

Fatherhood is a science of love, new decisions, new responsibilities ...

Fatherhood is a sense of giving your child the best of everything ...

Fatherhood is learning to show affection - because children will not be content with "I love you" once in a while, or a kiss goodbye ...

Fatherhood is a time when a man (as my partner says) knows that he has come to a point everyone is proud of - he has become a REAL man :)

Georgina Gryboś

Set 3: mug and sticker

I bet you will get hundreds of long letters with lofty descriptions of father's pride, joy, smiles, ahas and ohms. In fact, fatherhood is hard work.

In these busy times, eternal stress, deadlines etc. it's difficult to be a good father. The righteous, forgiving, as well as the letter will instruct and play football, read a book, and explain the world.

Often, to find a moment for a child you have to devote the time we have to ourselves, those few minutes that we are able to conjure up with the burden of everyday activities with such difficulty. Fatherhood is sacrifice and renunciation. This is the truth, but ... no father would give it up. Because fatherhood gives a lot of strength to a man.

When I come back home from work and longing for kids, fatigue passes in an instant :-) It's like an energy boost, such a healthy boost. And although there are tensions, disobedience, screams and punishments, the day always ends with a strong hug, a kiss and a quiet "I love you ..."

Rafał Kozioł