Fairy tales for a three year old

Fairy tales for a three year old

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In the case of three-year-olds, the fascination with fairy tales goes beyond a more or less attentive screening of a given cartoon, which takes place in front of a computer or TV monitor. Favorite characters become an indispensable element of the baby's life, decorating his clothes, bedding or gadgets for everyday use. However, not every character is suitable for our child's idol. Here is a subjective review of fairy tales that will appeal to both older and younger generations.

World of the Little Princess

If long-haired, slim mimosa, whose life goal is to entrap the heir to the royal crown, get on your nerves, look at the little heroine, once a fairy tale broadcast by the MiniMini station, now available mainly on the Internet.

The Little Princess does not sin by knowing savoir vivre. Her head, admittedly, is decorated with a crown, symbolizing the origin and circulating blue blood in her veins, however the girl's hair resembles a haystack. Resolute and mischievous girl instead of parading in robes made of expensive materials, he roams around his property in pajamas. He eats meals in the kitchen, conducts lively discussions with the gardener, by the way bringing new wrinkles to his guardian.

The parents of the described heroine are, of course, a royal couple, more reminiscent of average citizens of a developed society than a higher sphere. And although the action of each episode takes place around the castle inhabitants and subjects, the characters' problems are very mundane. Sympathetic toddler constantly gets in trouble, uncovers the secrets of loved ones, makes important decisions, learns about the world around her and the rules that govern it, and most importantly, learns to draw conclusions from mistakes that allow her quite ordinary mother and dad to make.