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Child safety in the nursery - take care of insurance

Child safety in the nursery - take care of insurance

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Ensuring the safety of children in nurseries, children's clubs, toddler clubs, etc. is essential. The new act on the care of children up to 3 years of age introduced the possibility of childcare in the form of crèches, children's clubs, day carers and nannies can also look after. Municipalities supervise the establishments created after April 4, 2011 - every crèche and children's club must be entered in the register of crèches and children's clubs in the commune in which it is based. it is preceded by an inspection by the Sanitary Inspector, fire brigade and municipal officials. Without this entry, the facility cannot work, the entry means that the nursery or children's club meets all sanitary and fire safety requirements.

So if you send a child to such an institution, check if it is on the register.

However, there are small childcare facilities on the market that are in vain to find in the register.

There are children's clubs, toddler clubs, mini nurseries that they started operating before the nursery law entered into force. They have time to adjust until the end of March 2014. This means that these facilities are not controlled by municipal officials or public health (unless the facility provides food), there are no specific standards for the number of carers in relation to the number of charges, etc. The parent must check everything alone.

Why is sensitivity to children's safety important? You have to be careful not to experience such a tragedy as the one in the "nursery" about which the media wrote (a child of a year and a half drank the dishwasher liquid). The facility was not entered in the register, it did not have current civil liability insurance.

Insurance of charges protects both parties to the contract - the child care facility (in the event of an accident is covered by the insurer) and parents who are certain that they will have someone to enforce any claim. It is worth taking care of it.


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