Baby wipes review

Baby wipes review

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Which wet wipes for babies and toddlers should you choose? What will cope with the largest dirt, not irritate and tear at the least expected moment? You ask yourself the best hydration, the best composition and the most pleasant smell? You'll find the answers below.

Babydream Feucht-Comforttucher available in Rossmann stores, 4x80 pcs for PLN 15.49

After the successful purchase of diapers and bath lotion from the Babydream series, I decided to purchase handkerchiefs from the same series. On the drugstore shelf in nearby Rossmann I found three types of handkerchiefs in green, blue and pink. Because the attractive price of the set appealed to me more than the cost of a single package, four packages landed in my cart at once.

However, the smile of satisfaction quickly disappeared from my face as soon as I took out the first handkerchief. She surprised me her invoice. Until now, all the handkerchiefs we used were covered with colorless pictures that had no effect on the care of the baby's ass, had more impact on the parent, but here smoothness went hand in hand with softness and the lack of any decorations. I don't know why, but a handkerchief reminded me of grandmother's lignin.

Another detail that caught my attention concerned flexibility. While other handkerchiefs that I passionately bought were already tearing themselves when they were removed from the package, the ones I just described did not cause such a problem. They behaved nothing elastic bandagewhile others reminded me of a wet disposable kitchen towel.

Smell it was not irritating, rather practically imperceptible. For sure did not sensitize my doughter's. They worked even when the skin was scalded. I think we have children struggling with the problem of AD, they would appreciate them.

As for the packaging itself I didn't have much trouble opening it. The sticker firmly protected the contents against air.

However, despite the attractive price, number of pieces in the package and flexibility, wipes turned out to be very dry. Maybe they can be used to wipe hands quickly, to clean a teat that fell from the ground, but certainly do not work when changing diapers. Even after wiping my child's intimate places after peeing, I had the impression that they did not fulfill their task. In the event of decent dirt that took place after a hearty dinner, I had to use a few pieces to thoroughly clean the skin, and this reminded me of peeling paint off a wooden surface with abrasive paper. Nothing nice. I worked hard and the child was not satisfied with such a long time that I devoted to this hygienic procedure.

I was really angry with myself that I gave in to this promotion and bought four packages. I couldn't wait to get back to our favorite Haggis. I deluded myself that this moment would happen very quickly, at such a rate of tissue usage. I was not surprised when the wipes were practically unsuitable even for wiping furniture dust at the end of the packaging. It occurred to me that I could use them for a completely different purpose. It would then be the most expensive handkerchiefs.

Huggies Soft skin wipes 64pcs approx. 8 PLN per packaging

They captivated me at first sight. Just the sight of a delightful baby wrapped in a warm towel made my hands succumb to the heart of a consumer consumer and reached for (again) collective packaging. I mentioned that I was also tempted by the inscription at the PROMOTION price?

Let's analyze the information that the manufacturer placed on the packaging. As the striking inscription says, the product contains popular shea butter. Karite can be found not only in the kitchen. Its properties are used in cosmetics and even in medicine. The sources of this fat must be sought in Africa, and more specifically in the savannah, where it occurs in the form of butterwood. As a curiosity, I will add that, as in the case of wine (some say that this also applies to the fair sex;)) the value of this plant increases with its age, and it is worth adding that we are not talking here about months but about decades.

So what did the producer get by adding shea butter to the handkerchiefs? After repeated use of this product, I noticed that my baby's skin became more delicate. This ingredient appreciated by dermatologists did not cause an allergic reaction, it brought relief during the cleansing of scalded skin, which is our indispensable problem accompanying the appearance of another tooth.

Continuing a series of delight over Soft Skin wipes, I will add that they are perfectly moisturized. They do not drip from excess moisture, impeccably clean the baby's skin. I honestly admit that I use them to wash my make-up and they cope well with any mascara and the most resistant shadows and permanent lipsticks. So far they have not sensitized me or caused any discomfort.
As for the appearance of the product, they have similar dimensions to my hands. They are neither too small nor too practical for that and exactly can cover the entire area of ​​the body that requires care. They were decorated with colorless figures of teddy bears and their feet (see against the light - then you will see something like the pattern of a handkerchief stained glass). They do not tear when removing from packaging, do not care about threads.

The smell itself is quite pleasant, not intrusive, but clearly perceptible. I don't associate it with any children's cosmetics.
The only downside is that pulling out one handkerchief, another one automatically attaches to it and you have to stuff it later.
During the first use, the sticker protecting the packaging put up a lot of resistance. Later, despite making, she still carefully protected the wipes, which remained perfectly moisturized to the last.

It is worth buying them in promotional sets. You can then save a few zlotys. For now, they are my number one among baby wipes. Even other "Haggis" - Pure, in which I was irritated by their tenderness and tendency to tear.

Pampers care wipes Natural clean price PLN 6.50 for 64 pcs.

When I saw them on the drugstore shelf, at first it seemed to me that I was looking at handkerchiefs from the Sleep & Play series and, discouraged by the mere memory, I would probably not put them in the basket. Only when I saw that they were discounted did I look not only at the attractive price for Pampers, but also the packaging itself. I decided to take a chance and funded the shop cash register with less than 4.50 Polish zlotys. I must admit that from the beginning I was skeptical about them, but I decided to give them a chance.

What captivated me in them:

  • neat packaging, not too big, not too small does not mislead the consumer with a volume that conceals modest content
  • the picture on the front page suggests that the wipes are for older babies
  • the protective film peels off easily, but protects the interior very well thanks to the strong adhesive and its size
  • easy to pull out - one handkerchief always comes out, it did not happen to me that I took out a few pieces of glued
  • handkerchiefs were enriched with chamomile
  • composition free of alcohol and soap
  • aroma - intense but pleasant, floral to some extent, gives a sense of freshness, masks unattractive aromas while cleansing a child's bottom.

I was not convinced by them:

  • accessibility - after thoroughly searching all drugstores and supermarkets in my city, I found the described wipes in one place only
  • humidity - the wipes are noticeably moisturized, but not enough for me
  • nicely clean children's skin from physiological soiling, but after using it for makeup removal, I felt some discomfort - irritated my skin, for a short time I felt unpleasant pinching, a similar reaction was noticed in my daughter when I rubbed my child's red skin
  • size - they are definitely too small to thoroughly clean the baby's bottom and collect all the impurities from it, so the consumption of a few pieces for a "fatter case" is certainly a minimum, so the slogan "Economy" is not true here
  • effect - they leave a slippery layer on the skin
  • impression of cleanliness - suitable for refreshing your hands while playing in the park, but I am not convinced that they remove bacteria.

Wet wipes Huggies Natural Care pack 2x 64 pcs PLN 6.99

Although these handkerchiefs are not my number one, they have definitely more advantages than disadvantages. This product was created in 65% from pulp, the manufacturer made sure that they do not lack vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

They get a positive opinion from me for:

  • promotions - I have never happened to buy a single package at a regular price. Every time I go shopping for handkerchiefs, drugstore chains or hypermarkets, they cover me with discounts or alternative multipacks, which are available at a promotional price
  • availability - I will easily buy them in most supermarkets
  • colors of packaging - each type of Huggies wipes has a different color of the packaging, even if I forget the name of a given series, I can easily find them on the store shelf
  • size - they are large enough to cover everything that needs cleaning on a child's body
  • aroma - they smell delicate, aloe
  • pattern - cheerful teddy bears decorate every piece taken out of the packaging
  • moisturizing - their humidity is perfect
  • delicacy - they are really subtle and do not irritate sensitive skin

I was disappointed because of: