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Dear parents, the number of competition entries has exceeded our wildest expectations. Thank you that so many people decided to play with us! We are especially pleased because your answers were very interesting, and sometimes surprising and bringing a smile to your face. However, as many people wrote in the application, games teach the art of winning and losing ... Unfortunately, we can only reward five people.

Below we publish the competition entries: in whole or in part.


When it's grim outside
We pull out the game box
The daughter is in a great mood
When we play for hours.
Games teach her patience
The rules of the surrounding world,
It's easier for children to understand him
When Dad explains it.
Learning to write, count, read
It's great fun in games for children.
Children learn creative thinking
Competition and concentration.
Joy of winning, sadness of defeat,
It is also an important task for games.
Great feelings are torn apart by children,
When they joyfully win them.
But to lose is a great art
In the game and in life - this is science.
Games creatively connect family,
To spend time happier at home.
And you can take the game to the picnic
If the game such mobility helps.
The number is infinite
Advantages of games for children
Because when they are well used
It contribute to wonderful fun.
So I guess I'll stop writing these sentences
And I will call my family to play big :)

Justyna, Szymon, Oliwka and Borysek Drop from Słupsk



If I were a student of Epicurus, I would surely catch the day ... pardon, play after game;) If, in a strange way I would find myself under Hegel's influence, I would think, think and probably would not even be able to shout "dice were thrown". Save, Lord Jesus, from Freud - I'm afraid to think what games would be hot;)

I can already hear some people whispering, what sometimes did not mistake the competition? Pity, don't send me to Olympus! Fortunately, I am not a son of the Love of Wisdom, although I have a lot in common with philosophy ... like almost everyone here! Do I see surprise? So who is not an admirer of CHILDREN'S PHILOSOPHY, hand up. Oooo, the gentleman in the third row is timidly carrying his upper limb. Probably too tired - poor thing! Where did he play and with whom did he play - that is the question?

I will explain to you that games are something important in the life of every individual - star, war and love fall off (it's for the sake of accuracy;). In the life of a child, the value of games must be multiplied several times! Entertainment, in reasonable proportions, enriches. Thus, games (more and more perfect) affect each of the senses, stimulate their "growing up". Judging by the expression, you don't know what "Twister" is! I advise you to ask Junior;)

The games include gaining focus skills, but also awakening the spontaneity lying on the opposite pole. A young man learns to compete in the spirit of fair play, begins to create a well thought-out strategy of action (and what if your branch will become a stockbroker? :)) and a thousand other behaviors in the adult world. On the one hand, games teach and on the other hand entertain. And often they convey important information better and more vividly than school. In this secret world, the child learns to cooperate, so that his interpersonal contacts are like "downhill to claws" ... Manual skills are improved, so important at this stage of development.

Piotr Szczepanik, in the context of this competition, which I have no doubt, would sing "Play as it is easy to say, play and not ask for anything ..." And I will address to you a short, this time non-philosophical appeal: Play with your kids, integrate strengthen family ties. The time for this is devoted to priceless time and gives priceless fruit. - "Come honey" - we are going to play Zielone ... This is the color of hope :)

Daniel Mikosz from Krosno


I am now 20 years old and games are the best memory I have from my childhood.

They developed my imagination: ("One, two, three Baba Yaga is watching!"). Who among us did not believe in supernatural powers that allowed us to turn into stone?
Games help overcome fears. Playing hide and seek often "forced" me to hide in the darkest corner,
where I would never go, but you had to be the best!
Games require speed, agility and intelligence. My favorite childhood game "Cow, cow, what milk do you give?" Taught me to recognize colors.

I know that now my childhood games are distorted by computer games or cartoons. However, the advantages of having fun are still the same.
They help to bond with parents, as well as learning from a small computer skills, and this skill is invaluable.

Katarzyna Rokosz from Sępopol


What do games give children? - that's the question
are they breakfast for everyone!
They provide energy, willingness to stand up,
for thinking and breaking head ...
They are like holidays in the middle of winter,
when they see them, they make faces ...
They are like ice cream on hot days,
because joy and knowledge are in them!
Games for children and is an important point of upbringing,
it's a window to the world - an opportunity to learn ...
Let's buy our children good games
we will have comfort - and they too!
Agata Dudek from Rzeszów


Games give children the opportunity to face ... reality. When
I was little and often played "Chinese" and cards with my parents. Parents
and especially my dad liked how I won, so they always gave me a kick
better cards etc. Once my mother said: stop we can't do that
to do because Patrycja will never learn to lose. Life is not about
only on successes, sooner or later we are defeated, so no
you can protect your child against it, because it will last a lifetime
impossible. My parents stopped giving me better cards or not
to capture my pawns in "Chinese". At first, the cry was huge.
I remember it - the first loss I cried like a beaver. Dad wanted to come back
to the previous "version" and let me win all the time, but
my mother was adamant. At that time it was a drama for me, I suddenly stopped
win. However, my mother explained to me: Patrycja, you have to think
combine how to win. I admit that winning me was from that time
time more joy, because it was "my win".

Patrycja Sarnowska from Kwidzyn

Congratulations to all! Prizes will be sent by post!