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"Diet coaching. Guide for those who are always slimming ”

"Diet coaching. Guide for those who are always slimming ”

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After pregnancy, the silhouette changes. Not only then. It undergoes various tests throughout its life. On some it is not impressive, because they easily return to their previous appearance and can shape their figure without obstacles. For others, the prospect of being pregnant is terrifying because of the excess weight that is accumulated and the need to lose weight later. This guide gives hope. It makes us realize that a lot depends on us and that harmony, awareness and a rational approach count in our diet, just like in life.

Coach? And I'm skeptical ...

I'll start with the fact that as a skeptical person to any news, I try to first get to know a given proposal, and then speak on a given topic. From the beginning I had a big problem with coaching. All the articles I read on this subject were for me a confirmation of "dry talk", under which there is little, and the term itself seems imaginative and completely unnecessary.
The very conviction on which, among other things, coaching is based, is that we - as people - know the truth and solution and that all knowledge is accumulated in us, and we need a second person (coach) to let us realize it: it made us that I had no need to delve into the subject more, reaching for books or more extensive studies. When I read about coaching already in the short mentions in the press, I had an expert in front of my eyes who knows what he is doing, he makes a serious, worried face and mixes tea silently, and in reality his achievements are zero. Meanwhile, after reading this guide, my idea of ​​this profession changed by 180 degrees. I started to respect diet coaching, and Urszula Mijakoska, who wrote the first book about diet coaching in Poland, convinced me both in its form and content to recommend this position not only to slimming people, but to all those who want to eat in conscious way.
It was general, now details. What does this guide give you?

It works? Did not work?

"Diet coaching. Guide for eternally slimming "allows you to learn nutrition patterns, answer key questions about the needs of our body. Diet coaching is not focused on losing excess weight. It is to make us aware of the principles that guide us and teach us to eat consciously and choose meals wisely.
In this book you will not find diets with ingredients that are expensive and difficult to access. There are no recipes that take half a day. There is knowledge, trivia, tips and exercises that allow you to get to know yourself better. This is a key point now: can this manual change anything? I will answer with my own example.

In theory, I know what healthy eating is

... but I only referred to the rules to some extent. Simply put, I used them when it was convenient for me. Of course, being a mom, I have to be up to date with the kitchen range and all healthy recipes. However, in everyday races it often happened that after feeding my daughter I did not have the strength or desire to take care of myself in the same way. I did not see the problem in eating quickly and without wondering what lands on the plate. There were also "breaks" dictated by the need for healthier nutrition. However, they did not last long. Later, I returned to my habits again, including almost having to eat something sweet every day, because there was always an opportunity ...

Kind of simple, but not ...

After reading the book, you can feel the mobilization. Decide to change something in your life. Start looking at your efforts from the perspective of a child who is starting to learn to walk. Before he reaches perfection, he falls and rises many times. I don't give up. He experiments and allows himself to fail. However, ultimately he has one goal, which he aspires to and which does not disappear from before his eyes.

I believe that such a goal for every parent should be conscious and healthy nutrition. All my life, every day. Before we start teaching children good habits, it's best to start with yourself. Just try munching the carrot a few days before a few years old, and there is a good chance that you will quickly see how the child begins to look at this snack with great enthusiasm. Quite unexpectedly choosing in place of your favorite crunchies ... Tested. Good luck!

P.S. I put the book back on the shelf. I will definitely come back to her more than once.

Thank you to Edgard for providing the book for review.

Diet coaching Your healthy lifestyle

Most of us know what they could eat, how they could live, to feel better and be healthier. However, this knowledge remains only a theory. What prevents us from implementing this knowledge in practice? Well, knowledge alone doesn't change behavior. In life, under the influence of the surrounding environment, various habits, habits and beliefs, we sometimes go in the wrong direction. It is all the more important to know a way of eating that helps to strengthen the body and gives vitality.

This is what diet coaching does. Combines knowledge about man and food is the key to a healthy lifestyle, which also results in the desired weight loss. Importantly, weight loss is irreversible. Diet coaching does not provide another diet, it changes the way of life and food. It helps in understanding yourself, explains why you are acting in a way that is unfavorable to you, despite being aware of the harmful effects of such action.
The world health organization already in 2003 stated that in addition to advice and knowledge, man also needs to know his own body, consciously use a diet.
During the diet coaching process:

  1. You recognize your body.
  2. You discover the power of internal motivation.
  3. You name obstacles that impede your change process and you feel willing to act to change them.
  4. You experience "being mindful" and fully feel your agency.
  5. You start to take care of yourself in a new dimension.

After the process you know more about yourself, you gain awareness of this knowledge.
In diet coaching, you choose, decide and decide. You don't have a sense of loss like many diets, therefore what you decide happens. Thus, you are getting closer to your personal lifelong nutrition plan.

Diet coaching is an alternative to fast diets, quick effects and quick yo-yo at the end, give calmer weight loss and more energy, strength, self-awareness and self-confidence.
Diet coaching is a slow approach to nutrition aimed at weight loss.
Most importantly, unlike various diets, it does not exclude any group of people, both sick and healthy people, pregnant and lactating women, people with allergies and athletes can enter the process.
Diet coaching is a lifestyle and healthy nutrition based on conscious and healthy nutrition in harmony with nature.

Magdalena Kubik With education in food technologist, dietitian and diet coach. She is a passionate propagator of healthy cuisine and slow foods. Combining education and passion, she created the Fit & You Dietary Cabinet where I transfer my knowledge and positive energy. Privately, a mother of a fantastic young man (born in 2000).