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Kiddieland pusher / rider

Kiddieland pusher / rider

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When my daughter began to stand by the furniture, shyly detach from them, I began to wonder what the next stage would be (naturally striving to become independent in walking). Because Lucia lacked courage (or maybe it is normal for every child) to break away and fall down constantly, she began to support herself with a diaper cardboard box. She shuffled him across the floor, moving alone around the apartment. This inspired me to seek support for her in the form of a professional, children's gadget. Why?

Because the cardboard was low and the daughter was pushing him in an inclined position, so her mother's heart began to worry about her spine.
With help came an extremely wide range of something that is hidden under the name - a flagship. Penetrating the market, I noticed the existence of objects called ride-ons. What's more, there is a combination of them. And this is what I meant!

I will start with the fact that the most difficult turned out to be finding a girlish vehicle that won't be pink. Purple colors appeared, but they already looked shoddy in the pictures. In perspective, having two children playing with the vehicle, I knew it had to be a solid performance. I bought a Kiddieland toy with a Winnie the Pooh design. The purchase turned out to be a hit! For half a year Łucja has been using a ride a ride every day, both at home and in the garden.


  • Vehicles combining the functions of a pusher and a ride are a universal solution for children from the age of the first attempts at independence up to around 3 years of age.
  • A child who is not standing yet but is sitting stably can be planted and start by playing with numerous buttons
  • Sitting, the baby can push and move,
  • At the first attempts to walk and stand, it can use the backrest of the vehicle (two levels will help when climbing, and the brake will make it difficult to overweight the toy).
  • Many types of attractions develop other skills in the child (pressing, twisting, rotating, moving, etc.).
  • Numerous melodies are pleasant to the ear.
  • The storage space under the seat enables the child to discover other functions of the toy (he can hide, look, transport, and also trains manual skills by raising and lowering the seat).
  • The vehicle's low torsion prevents dangerous cornering (a child who masters the toy will decide the direction of travel by himself).
  • ORTHOPEDIANS praise the rides for their beneficial effects on the child's hip pans (my neighbor even got a recommendation to buy such a toy for her son to make the child work better with hips).
  • When pushing with feet, the child exercises alternating movement, and therefore not only motor coordination and balance, but also nerve connections between the hemispheres of the brain.
  • At a later stage, he can use the car to sit on it or stand, which would add those several centimeters (e.g. to reach something forbidden).
  • The rich market offers vehicles in hundreds of designs and colors, as well as shapes and materials. There are both plastic and wooden products, in the shape of vehicles, animals, motorbikes, etc. Prices start from PLN 40, end at several hundred (our toy car cost PLN 100, and I saw the vehicle for PLN 600).
  • On the toy canvas, we can practice a sense of rhythm, words and sounds with the child.
  • The challenge for the "experienced" driver will be going out with a toy outside ...
  • Parents in the seat can hide a small snack or a drinking cup for a busy child.


  • Utilities - I do not state!
  • Objectively approaching the subject, I must say that the market is quite poor, if we are looking for a girl's vehicle, and we do not want the toy to be pink.
  • Many models are tacky and sloppy, which is why I recommend prudence when choosing. Sometimes it is worth adding PLN 20 (especially if we are planning a second child in the future to whom we will want to pass the vehicle) and have a toy that can withstand the heavy load that our ingenious little child will give her.

To sum up - this is it sensational toy developing our child, supporting his independence tests, pretty and practical. From stories I know that many mothers go to the neighborhood shops in the company of a child moving a ride. This is probably the most universal of toys at the same time entertaining and learning. My daughter is simply in love with her "Brrum"! Recently, she even began to raise the seat and sit in the toy car as in a potty. So I guess I have to treat her fun as a suggestion ...


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